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Obviously, this entry will really only appeal to nerdy persons who enjoy the film, but it actually follows along with it rather well. Its like playing House of the Dead, just you're drinking instead of shooting at zombies. I got it on DVD at Big Lots for $2.50, its very worth it. Not only for binge drinking, I mean.

I didn't tag this with {{Familiarity}} because I think making the piece "more accessable" kinda takes away an element of its niche appeal. If someone wants to attempt edits feel free though; for now the italic blurb works. If there is another template that conveys the same kinda message that I don't know about, add that as well if you like.

Also, if the authors of the previous version of the article (also a drinking game, which was absolute coincidence) would like their stuff back, we can split it into Thunderdome (Drinking Game) and Thunderdome (The Other Drinking Game) or something. --THINKER 06:31, 12 May 2007 (UTC)

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