I'm shocked and disgusted by both your historical and moraloethical amount of lack concerning the topic. Ass a friend of ze jews i suggest you to debrain your stupid germ(an) faggot-ass head using a fine free-made american 12gauge shotgun. Furthermore i suggest to tell hitler about your historical freestyle, so he can get you grilled by vril-powered thule-tachyonator-beams. zen finally ze world will belong to us! swinhund!

I bolded some dramatical expressions to enlighten ze reader 'what it's all about' and switched 'minorities' and 'parasites' to hail jehova whose article zis is.


Oh, for the Love of God. Lets Try This One More Time Edit

I guess it has to be the FOURTH reich then. How long have we been here? And you keep coming up with reasons this Reich can't work. A thousand years it's supposed to last, and we can't get to two minutes without you damn whining. Well, let's see YOUR ideas, Mr Smarty Pants. Not so loud now, eh? Fine. Fuck this, I'm off to shoot myself. It's better than listening to you.