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edit The Italian Football Referee: Requirements for officiating at the 2010 World Cup

1/ Hate Australian footballers so badly that the Australian Jersey is indistinguishable from the fur of a wild animal.

2/ Be able to read deliberate intent into the most inane and nondescript circumstances such as to be able to red card Australian strikers for standing still and breathing.

3/ Be unable to give the team playing Australia any booking worse than a yellow card and a stern talking to.

4/ Be able to rationalise in one's own mind that just because federation and club officials at Napoli, Fiorentina, Milan and Juventus are corrupt, doesnt mean Italian football officialdom is.

5/ Have no idea who Massimo De Santis is.

6/ Be in total and complete denial that Italian football referees and officials who assign referees to matches are currently under investigation for match fixing.

7/ Be of the opinion that “criminal association” and “sporting fraud” is only a yellow card offense.

8/ Be of the opinion that red carding Australian strikers is good for the game and might serve as a distraction long enough for Luciano Moggi to get out of Italy.

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