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Has anyone else noticed the little things that make this movie great? I have seen it at least 100 times, and i noticed that there is a few things that are cool/weird about it. If you watch it every time they go bowling it starts with Donnie bowling a strike, however there is one time that they go bowling and he leaves one pin up, this is the night he is killed.

Have any of you guys noticed anything else like this?

edit funny things

How about the first scene, when he's post-dating a check for the creamer at Ralph's for $0.69 and the date he is writing on the check is September 11, 1991 and George H. W. Bush is on the T.V saying "This aggression will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait." How weird is that? Shomer Fucking Shabbas

edit A joke article about a joke movie? Whose brilliant idea was this?

In order to make a joke article about what is in essence a joke, you must make the article itself take a serious tone towards the movie, in a sense, speaking as though it consists of real people, real events and quite possibly the only surviving record of 20th century civilization discovered by a future race of...PLANT PEOPLE!!!

Oh, and the people above me have either COMPLETELY lost their minds or smoked WAY too much pot.

Actually the dectective agency where the Dude previously worked (or perhaps it was called interning) for has entered bankruptcy and so the Dude determined that he would become a private dick and since he couldn't afford liability insurance he decided to not rent an office or have anyone hand letter his name on a clear glass window; instead he would do his detecting in public places.

Anyway, if someone feels my interpretation falls under this:

It doesn't. Why? Because I said nothing false about the movie, but more importantly, the idea of a joke article about a joke movie is itself a bad decision, so I'm only trying to salvage what remains of this sloppy joe98.122.164.74 06:12, 11 January 2009 (UTC)

edit Bowling Movies

Considering that the film is actually about Bowling it really is a shame that this fine, manly pursuit didn't get more of a mention in the article. Many of the film's scenes take place in a Bowling alley or in its immediate environs and the most famous line in the whole film, about drawing a line in the sand is so obviously a direct reference to the line a Bowler's toe must not cross in the sacred act.

One not very well known fact about the Big Lebowski is that it was originally intended to be an instructional video about Bowling, but ex-Olympic Trampoline contender Jackie Treehorn, who funded the whole project, insisted on having a part in the video and attempts to script in a drug induced session of Olympic Trampolining left the Coen Brothers little leeway for subtlety or the intended drama of the 8-split.

Steve Buscemi, of course, started his acting career with a small part in Noel Cruikshanks 1979 remake of the famous World War II drama From There to Maternity in which he played an alcoholic ex-proffesional Bowler stationed in Hawaii during the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Harshly treated by his Sargeant for not wanting to join the regimental Bowling team he gets his revenge by making a near iconic film within the film in which he makes a swimwear commercial starring the Captain's wife. 17:48, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

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