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edit I Plan To Contribute A Lot To This Page

Hello, my name is Dion and my account name is Hylian_Archer.

I hope to revive this page, as it features a popular game that many people play.

There was an article on Super Smash Bros. Brawl that I found rather interesting and quite funny. On the discussion page for that article, there was some talk about a possible deletion of the page due to the fact that nobody was contributing to it. I began contributing a lot to the page. I wrote for about 4 hours. After I was done working on it, I noted that the page looked much better with the many paragraphs on witty nonesense and satirical points of view on the playable characters.

That night I phoned my friend to ask him to look at the page. It was deleted. I highly doubt that the one responsible for its deletion took the time to realise that somebody had contributed to page at the last minute. Had the person took note of this, chances are that he/she would had changed his/her mind, due to the fact that the primary reason for its deletion now no longer existed; somebody had now contributed.


Ike Resting Sword On Should

Hello Dion, as this is 2:17 I, Sander, haven't had a chance to talk to you today. I hope that you get the page up and running soon for I wanted to read it last night and was sorely disapointed upon it being deleted.

edit Hea there, Well I read it!

Just so you know that there are people around here who do! Even if they don't always comment on what they have read... I must say I admire your determination to get this page going. It's a really difficult subject to write about. Not this game in particular, but games in general, as well as town articles, TV shows and the like are very hard to write Uncyc articles about. I think the trouble is that often people who choose to write about these types of subjects are real fans of the game, and find it difficult to write something which will be found funny by other people who might not be fans. Often people end up writing down all the details about the game, and why they like it, but forget to actually make it funny! It's not enough to just add a few random bits in here and there to make if different from the truth, you have to have some sort of an idea which will make the article appealing to lots of people. Hea, I know I'm not helping much here, and I really wish I could make some suggestions for how you could do that here, but as I said... this is a really tricky subject to write about, and I'm fresh out of suggestions! Basically, all I'm saying is good luck with it, and to try to advise you look really hard for something which will make this article stand out above all the other game related articles we have. Your obviously determined to try, and I wish you luck. Feel free to contact me via my talk page if I can help with this. Although I'm not sure how much I can help with the actual content of this, I do have some experience of what kind of thing is likely to be deleted or kept on Uncyc (though I'm wrong sometimes!). If you wanted to bounce any ideas off me, that would be cool. Good luck! MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 19:20, May 21

Thanks a lot, MrN9000! I really appreciate your input. I'm going to leave you a message on your talk page.

--Hylian Archer 15:16, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

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