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This article was funnier back when it was only the block of text with uniform, smallish font. The added stuff, especially the "Steve is! Steve is a! Steve is a:" thing, is a rip on the Philip Glass article, and anyway, it really belongs best with John Adams. I mean, after all, "News! News! News! News has a! News has a! A kind of kind of kind of kind of mystery!" (It does? Who knew?)

Steve's the most minimalist of the minimalists, and we should keep it that way.The Realms of Gold 13:45, 2 May 2007 (UTC)

The increase in font size towards the end suggests the increase in volume which is almost always seen in Reich's phasing works (Music for Mallet Instruments, Six Things That Steve Likes, etc) when the pattern is complete. Also, in Steve's (non-process music) works which have speech excerpts (from Different Trains on) the full phrase is introduced bit by bit; I'm not sufficiently familiar with Philip Glass to know if this is also done in his works and I did not rip that off from the Philip Glass article. "You! You are! Wherever! Your Thoughts! Are!" was the effect I was trying to get across in that section. Of the edits I recently made, I'm actually least keen on the quote at the top, and if anything I'd probably get rid of that. It's just not funny. --Clanger 00:03, 6 May 2007 (UTC)
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