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edit Use a spell check

I think that this article should be put through a spell checker, but whenever there is more than one option for what the word might be, using the wrong word, just proving how useful it is. --The Cyber Mage 08:26, 7 October 2006 (UTC)

edit Example

You'd get something like this, which is pretty much incomprehensible.

Squelcher be a functioned drat you're compute oozes wen yew mace, an errors in speedboating arr Kramer usage? squelcher, help, man's, people, spiel, worlds, incorrectly, wen, their, our, typing,. tit is noun, anon typifies function inn meanie worry, possessing reprogrammers, and haze alls. bin disincorporated intro tech Only libel. without Welcher's wee, wood, subordinately awl bee a hole lotto stupider!

A spell checker Jacques you're spelling sow u rite we'll a read line a pears be low a word spelled rungs if theirs know read line than Yuh rote write! Its impotent to spell mossed things rite sow utters Kahn reed watt u right wen yew spill rung papal well knot bee too understand u

Taco bell - now hiring

Tish Graceland whosoever Rowe scalpel cheek Markos prey well widened.

spell cheek is a wonderful than theft cheeks pipelined if u spell something wring it well till you and mark it be tear for u with spell cheek on one shod spell southing rang becks it tells you you sells thighbones rang if you Dav sell thighbones rang u shod be shoot in the fees becks sell chew tell u that u sell thighbone rang 07:12, 6 January 2007 (UTC)

edit Ned

Why make an article that only 'tards can understand? uh... this article is... uh... very... um... good?

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