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Hopefully I made this at least enjoyable to read. The previous article under "Spanish" was just stupid.

I included a phrase in Ladino, which may come across to some as a cheap knockoff of Spanish. (The two languages are sisters, having been the same at one time in the past.)

Que buen artículo! es mentira es una mierda, y ustedes no me entienden

Te entiendo, pero no me encantan tus palabras. Mejor que te calles.

edit Ey

No molesten al español Don't bother Spanish.

wikipedia:es:User:KeLopez_EN wikipedia:es:User talk:KeLopez_EN

I didn't find this funny at all, although I understood your intent. Sorry, but I thought you were crass and insulting.

edit Benga tío

Aprovecho que ustedes dominan el español para coomunicarles unas cuantas weás... el artículo está piola pero le falta wn , pongale mas empeño wnes flojos --Cibercrank 04:56, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

edit Rewritten in August, 2010

What was left here was more than half a single joke, the "translation guide" where it tells you what to say and actually makes you say the opposite.

It had some cheap shots against Latinos, a GEICO advertisement having nothing to do with Spanish, as the caption apologized for, and people had typed in poetry and regional obscenities.

I replaced it with some material based on the language itself, and ridiculing the obligatory tolerance in my United States. The final section, "Espanish people," I didn't replace but cleaned up. It contains some superficial stereotyping and could still use improvement.

I welcome your comments and hope you enjoy it. Probably some people will still take offense, as it isn't completely positive toward Hispanohablantes, but that's what we do here and we do it to everyone. Spıke Ѧ 22:16 2-Sep-10

edit Falta un apartao pal ablar del moderno Zpañol (It's necessary to talk about the modern spanish)

El Kasteyano o Zpañol z ha modernizao, aora la jente skribe azi ya no ez komo anteh to graziah a nuehtro canih, flaiteh, kaushah...

The castilian or spanaish language has been upgraded and now people write as written above, it's not like before thanks to our canis, flaites, caushas... s,z,c -> z qu,c,k -> k ch -> x -ado -> ao (a veces(sometimes) au) -s -> -h The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

K DICES??? That's Portuguese! Spıke Ѧ 20:05 6-Apr-13
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