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i'm changing this to the previous version, sorry for your time for writing a new one, but there is really no reason in deleting the older one. -WinderDay

well maybe it was a little extreme to erase it all but i think we could combine both versions to create a little longer article. Your stuff is funny enough but its just too short i think we can get a little more out of this topic. --Spaniard 03:45, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

edit From Pee Review

So this article started out horrible, some kid wrote it, I kinda came in and erased his stuff and pasted and corrected in some bits of an essay i had previously written, i hope you like --Spaniard 02:00, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

Humour: 3 Very little.
Concept: 2 The Spanish-American War isn't empty on humor, but much of it is on the home front, where everyone's getting worked up by yellow journalism. This doesn't really use the setting to full effect.
Prose and formatting: 2 No links, no formatting, just a solid wall of text. Breaking this up a little more would make it easier on the eyes.
Images: 3 One, albeit a fairly amusing one. A few more of these would help raise not only this score, but also the formatting score.
Miscellaneous: 1 Unless you're using bias to humorous effect, it's not particularly endearing. This seemed more like a partisan rant with a couple semi jokes thrown in than an actual humor piece.
Final Score: 11 Sorry about the low numbers. This wasn't an effortless stub, but it really missed the mark on a few counts.
Reviewer: LLBean
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