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The editors of this article are fagot Americans that like showing they're ignorance.

How come France isn't listed as part of the USSR?

Uncyclopedia should have a French SSR.

You are right, comrade!

Good sirs, is this truly worth bickering endlessly about? Create an articulus upon your lonesome!

ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I laugh. If you had half a brain you would be able to tell that the page is satire merely from the content. also great job to whomever wrote the quote in russian. As far as I can tell even the verb tenses are right. Content totally fits too. User:TheRussian9

This page had potential to be funny until the Yakov Smirnoff ass-kissers got ahold of it. Yes, it was Smirnoff who said on TV, "here you can always find party. In Russia Party always finds you." It was funny then, and in that context. Here it is just plain stupid. I don't mean offensive, just plain stupid. Isn't that a violation of the Uncyclopedia rules? The mods should fix it. It's just plain stupid. In Russia, stupid is just plain it. See what I mean... Anyone who can actually think of something funny besides recycling Yakov Smirnoff cliche's, should edit them right out of there. Basically there's plenty of real funny stuff about the USSR, but if you completely marginalize and mutate the notion of the USSR, you're just trying to be funny about something else, not the USSR. In its current form, this article sucks. For contrast, go look at the excellent article about Solid Snake. It's all hilarious, and it's all about the real Solid Snake from the video game. It doesn't turn him into the King of Saudi Arabia first. That would just be stupid.

 Also the quote by the russians who suck Lenin has a glaring case error, but I'm not gonna fix it for the author, I'll just let it continue looking stupid, I'm apparently the only contributor to the page who can actually speak Russian, thus far...

Quite funny article, but text in Russian is SUCH piece of crap that i couldnt understand it completely to fix it.

  Just another russian.

edit Yo, hi gringo~!

Did you know USSR? USSR is... Union of Suck Shit Republics. WTF?! hee... SOVIET_OWL.jpg

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