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Who put in the 'I drank what?' quote? --Secludus 21:20, 2 June 2006 (UTC)

edit Rewrite proposal

Dear everybody, hereby I propose a rewrite. My viewpoint is that we don't want a strange page on Socrates-philosopher, where every bookworm would be able to point out the differences. I propose to write of Socrates as a lewd and wicked satyr who lived on the Mount Parnassos, and perhaps insert some hidden references on the teachings of real Socrates. Tell me how many of u guys have read Plato's writings? I got this idea while writing an article on Onomatopoeia, that's how I would imagine the Socrates image.

edit Gay gay gay... with the kids!

I'm surprised that the "Socrates was a homo" argument stems solely from the fact that he wore a dress rather than that whole pederasty thing (basically the ancient Greek equivalent of NAMBLA, except teacher-student... with Plato, I guess) or the Socratic dialogue where he tries to explain what love is. It's the one where at the end it's revealed that it's just Socrates drunken attempt at seducing the host (can't remember the title). Possible rewrite implying this gave Plato intense psychological trauma? A bit pretentious, but I think that might be better satire than the whole "Plato rhymes with draco!! rofl!11!! he gotz teh l337 f1r3-br3ff skilz!!!one!" thing we have at the mo. CogDisso 23:25, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

edit The Quote I Added

its a proper one so please don't remove it!! please tell me if you do (User:Fluffy Fishy)

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