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Dark crystal

My vision was greatly enhanced by the 'shrooms, and I could easily see Kojol pretending to hide behind a tree

We must remove the red link from the eyes of the readers, so distracting, so full of menace. Aleister 14:00 6-3-'11

Link to pee review

edit Part of a section and a whole section removed, kept here for posterity

All except for one, who stayed around to see what the fuss was about, and ended up welcoming the skunks with open arms the size of tree trunks.

edit The Tale of Two Critters:Skunks amongst trunks

Because of, or in spite of, their space origins, skunks have a natural affinity for elephants. At some point in the ancient past the two oddball negotiated a symbiotic relationship, an agreement which emerged full-blown as a self-survival bonding between the two animal herds. Elephants talked skunks into riding on their backs to scare off stupid predators, and elephants told the skunks they would always walk right on top of the skunk's two natural enemies, porcupines and stinkbugs. If two elephants meet in the jungle or on the side of a railroad track, one will usually be carrying a skunk. If three meet, at least two skunks are present.

The two species sometimes try to mate, with disastrous results.

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