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Berlusconi and Mafia? I can understand Italy and Mafia or Prodi and Mafia...

Good Morning! i'm a Italian and i write from Italy. Silvio was a mafious, and he have a lot of judicial troubles for it, but when he was the Prime Minister, he make law-ad-personam. That is an laws for save he and his friend to the jail. He was beginning his financial empire with the money of the mafia, and he was corrupted a lot of public personality. He have a monopoly on the information (but now he less the public channel), because has it has 3 national channels on 7, and here cable Tv don't exist and the Satellite Tv is not much diffusing. 4 channel news on 7 are its and we not have complete press freedom. Thanx and exscuse me for the maccheronic-english!!!
C'o bb'rimm!
Kahless 15:37, 4 June 2007 (UTC) Ciao belli Giorgio il mangiamerda 20:26, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

berlusconi is a mafious prodi a good president

Wonderful.. that has to be on wikipiedia not on uncyclopedia! please, move it!

Oh my god! That's road and I don't believe it into my earth! Hury up to let's go with the fuckin' princess no germany roach infisiation !

I'm from Italy and Berlusconi is mafious and a criminal. 20:26, 01 January 2009 (UTC)

Mmmh, too much information in this article...It was written by an Italian, that's sure. Of course we don't have much freedom at home, but it's absurd that we need to come here to express our frustration!
Sorri 4 de language not very correct!

ahahahaha pizza mafia e mandolino berlusconi è un grandissimo rottinculo e se la fa con la regina god save the fregna

Oh, mio dio! Siamo famosi! Complimenti! (traslate, if you dare)

Hi everybody!!! I am Italian (unfortunately...) and I wanna assure you,that most of the informations about silvio berlusconi written in this page...are REAL!!! (compare it with Wikipedia or other media...not berlusconi's media!!!) please,don't think that all Italian people are "berluscones"....some of us are working hard to send him away....maybe in a jail... bye bye, Andrea,Firenze

Can't we sell Berlusconi to Americans? Maybe they'll like him!

Hello...I can't stress it enough that Italians hate's just that in a perverse way his ruthless and idiotic actions are far too ridiculous and inappropriate that they end up having a bleak comical attraction towards the public...if you get what I mean. I have friends who are Italian and most of them hate Berlusconi, so that's understandable. Faizaguo 12:16, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

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