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The tradition was exported to Australia where it immediatly became and part of the Australian male's "right of passage". Australians seeing to improve the quality of sheep shaggin (as it is known in Aussie)made it a part of Aussie tertiary education and offered courses at the local TAFE's (as the local technical schools are named. They also created many different breeds choosing for softness of hair, fllness of lips and even creating a version with handle bars for serious shaggin without falling off.

Australian women feeling threatened by the sheep, (who took to the task with great enthusiasm) competed in the only way that they knew how, which is why even today an Australian women will sleep with almost anyone on the first date. They know that if they don't then the sheep will take up the slack.

The practice "jumped the ditch" to NZ as well, where the sheep were found to be much more attarctive than then NZ women. NZ men were initially in denial but were switching in the thousands whihc was evident by the large number of velcro gloves and ribbed condoms that were sold. The women knew that the cause was lost on trying to compete on the looks front and so took to serving lamb for the famous Sunday roast.....a prectice that persists today.

The sheep knew thier fate if they continud to try to encroach on the Kiwi womans territory. This is why the only way to get close to a NZ sheep and to not have them run off is to ensure that its back legs are placed firmly in your gum boots. Velcrow gloves are essential to hang on. Even then a NZ sheep won't push back unless you shag them at the edge of a cliff. Then (so I am told) they push back really well.

Finally this is why they say NZ a country where Men are Men and sheep quiver and why Aussie sheep shaggers out number Kiwi and Welsh sheepshaggers by about 20 to 1.

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