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edit From Pee Review

OK, this is helpful - so I throw out another article to get critiqued: Sexual Congress

  • Note, I'll work on NeedABrain's suggestions in the coming week, but I get another opinion just for perspective sake? Dame PPsigPPlips.gifGUN PotY WotM 2xPotM 17xVFH VFP Poo PMS •YAP• 16:37, 18 January 2007 (UTC)
Humour: 6 Maybe the text needs to be thinned a little to make it more punchy.
Concept: 5 I would better like it if you satirize some real-world organization. Maybe you can bring it closer to the congress or to SM clubs.
Prose and formatting: 7 You write pretty well but, as stated above, in its current version, it lacks a little more incisiveness.
Images: 6 More pics, more scandal, please. Make it NSFW as it should be.
Miscellaneous: 6 I suggest you to split the sections and insert more real-world satire.
Final Score: 30 Full of potential, keep on working on it, I'm sorry I'm out of ideas for new stuff you could add to it.
Reviewer: herr doktor needsAsample Rocket [scream!] 02:24, 18 January 2007 (UTC)
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