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I began this article out of sheer spite. I know Sean has a toll-free number now for his call-screeners to dial and pretend to be hate-filled liberals on, but that seemed like too much of a trap. None of my well-scripted praise for the man would ever hear airtime. but the attention given to this page since my hasty creation of it has warmed my heart. I now know that the world knows an asshole when it smells shit. And as long as the world can smell shit, than we won't be smothered in it without a fight. Bless you all, and keep you. Unless, that is, you are actually Sean's call-screeners, playing at the "Evil Libbo" stereotype in order to trick me into writing this missive. And if that is case, than HAH! Joke's on YOU!!! I'm really a RIGHT wing nutjob PRETENDING to be a left wing nut job! Just like YOU! We showed THEM, didn't we!Jonas Planck 06:29, 3 May 2007 (UTC)

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