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lalalarandom: LOL how can scene kids be themselves when they are all just copying each other? and it is just a phase and you guys will grow out of it (if you don't you might end up like that jerfree starr weirdo which would be pretty sad) and uncyclopedia is all about humor so be prepared to be offended or don't go on at all.. simple

edit LOL

LOL. I've been waiting for a Scene article for months. Great job.


wow you guys are fucking rude!!! "scene kids" are amazing! and they are all theirselves! you guys have no life and probably such a low self esteem you have to talk shit and make things up about other people to make you feel better.. its pathetic i couldnt even listen to all this bullshit! scene kids have amazing hair and style! its how scene kids express themselves for the most part.. you have to stop classifying people so much! maybe if you try to not bother or wast time judging without knowing about something/someone and just deal with your life/self it would make you a little less shallow.. "Scene kids" never done anything to you to make you have so much hate for them! they dont bug you so you dont bug them!

dude. chill. i like to make fun of them too, because i am one, and i know with this type of thing it cant really get too far.theres nothing they can say thats really a "good insult" its like a your mom joke. just a bunch of idiots, putting random things down.

this is frickinn mean:/ whoever saddo wrote this bullshit needs to be stabbed really hard repeatidly in the stomach. scene kids are great!.. so friendly, amazing style and hair, they dont bother ANYONE. why write this crap and waste space on the internet......jeez ><


ZOMG Angst! --Mn-z 02:22, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

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