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Ultimate RPS... that seems almost like it belongs in the un-uncyclopedia... way too informative!

I'm far too lame to do this myself. But this needs linking somewhere. I'm not sure if this game needs parodying.

edit Paper does beat rock

You know how whiny people try to explain that rock beats paper by punching you in the face. Well, I sort of blocked his punch with my already open hand, snapped his wrist with a twist, and slapped him with my other "paper". While he was distracted by my otherwise weak combat plan, I kneed him in the balls. While he was on the ground writhing in pain, I told him, "See, Paper does beat rock, you pussy." Perhaps this is funnier than the "Rock Beats Paper" joke 00:37, 19 November 2007 (UTC) Hed Leeman, who is tired of this not very funny rock beats paper joke

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