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edit Controversy section changed

it originaly said:

Much is made of the fact that Magritte's mother, Lydia Lunch, committed suicide in 1912 by drowning herself in the River Sambre, and again two days later in the River Sardre, and finally four days after that in the River Livre. While her motive for this tragic act of repeated self-destruction remains a mystery, it has often been speculated that she had become despondent over her failure to make the Belgian Amateur Women's Swim Team.

During World War II, Magritte remained in Brussels despite the presence of Nazis. This led to friction between Magritte and other notable figures in the art world, such as Thomas Kinkade, Frank Frazetta, and Leroy Neiman, all of whom had been hoping that Magritte would move to Des Moines, where we would have received free pie. Later, during World War III, Magritte still stubbornly refused to leave Brussels, despite the presence of Carrot Men, and the fact that the city was now a smoldering, Stone-Age ruin. This led to further friction between Magritte and other artists, such as Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, and Mister Slate.

then i screen printed it and placed a apple on top:

René Magritte Controversy apple

i think it is at 750px

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