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I still think it should look more like this:

Reagonomics is a devoutly misunderstood concept which Republicans love for high military spending, and Democrats love for.....well, they don't.

It is very closely related to supply-side economics, but the term trickle-down economics is a load of bull. The truth of the matter is that it is meant as a measure to side-step inflation. The main method is corporate tax cuts, but for some reason people think giving tax cuts to the wealthy does the same thing. Although giving tax cuts to the wealth would actually make them poorer if you did an economic analysis, and should therefore be benefitial to both Democrats and Republicans. However, monkeys with cheese graters keep that information from surfacing.

The increase in supply may increase growth and lower inflation, but it also decreases the natural unemployment rate, which means the leftover unemployment is cyclical and actually would create a recession without spending. This is why there is such huge spending, not because the moon will crash into use 50 years from now and we think we don't have to care about the debt.

The truth is that the rate of rate of GDP is increasing, thus the reason to support such high deficits; but no one really wants to do preliminary research before they talk about something.

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We no longer speak the name of Miller. He has sinned against his ideals. I have a picture I'd like to add. Its "Everything's Fine" Reagan


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