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  • I think that "Vomiters - class 220/221" should be changed to "Vomiters/Souper Vomiters - class 220/221".
  • The modern trains section doesn't mention the new class 222 Oblivions which made front page headlines when First Late Western tried providing on train power for all its victims with &*%££ laptops/worn out batteries. Unfortunately they forgot to fit the sockets with switches and all the power leaked out in to the carriage causing litter bins to explode.
  • "So for every two seconds, a train came." - Is this a typo?
  • Would it be worth mentioning that lost property offices are a good place to collect your free DVD of secret government data? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Cabbagemiester (talk • contribs)

Isnt National Express East Coast now just Simply EAST COAST operated by Government owned DIRECTLY OPERATED RAILWAYS (DOR) The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

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