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Mmmh... Chiefjustice, can we discuss the changes u made? I can understand the harsh words 2 have been removed but some of what u took away really lowered the humor of the article :(

I'm pretty sure we can find a medium way between what i did 1st and everything u deleted, such as replacing the harsh words with stuff like #@%^£$ and the Shelbey part and genetically modified parts could be left because i don't see any offense in them.

Please respond ^^

What sort of thing did you have in mind? --ChiefjusticeDS 15:46, October 15, 2009 (UTC)


Thanks 4 answering.

As i said, i could replace the insults 2 the girls by "#@%^£$" (honestly that would b much cooler than what i've already read about them on said website ^^)

I don't really understand why u deleted other parts, i mean obviously there is no rule about naming people and since the purpose of this is 2 mock the people who insult them in real life & not 2 insult them at all, there's no offense intended.

Now, we could have this: - Except for those who are famous enough to bring more members to the forum, and those who're strong enough to kick anyone's ass, any Prince collaborator who would gently contribute to the forums can and should be insulted by members. Particularly Robin Power, who's nothing but a #@%^£$. [NOTE : Robin Power was indeed flamed on this site recently, with a very shocking agressivity and insults from some contributors]

- I really love the whole Shelby part and i didn't use bad words and obviously i did that because this girl really is THE taboo on this site and any post naming her is immediately deleted with very harsh words from the mods and everybody hates her when she did nothing wrong and it's all SO ridiculous that i really had 2 make fun of it, so i really did it in favor of her cause. Now if you want i can say "The girl with the Youtube video channel" instead of naming her, but considering how she puts herself on the frontline since she gets videos from Prince 2 broadcast, i don't think she would mind this at all ^^

- I don't see what would be specifically offensive in this one : "All moderators have been genetically modified so they lost all sense of humor. They don't even remember what humor is. So don't try, just don't.", please explain why u took it away when u tolerated everything else in the article.

Also, i don't hate this website, i actually love it and i'm still a member, i just saw it becoming more or less the mess i describe year after year so it's more a joke based on a sad reality than a real attack on these people.

Thanks 4 ur time

Okay, what you can put back is the parts about famous people, or people who have been in the general public eye for involvement with Prince. This sentence: "All moderators have been genetically modified so they lost all sense of humor. They don't even remember what humor is. So don't try, just don't." can also be returned, I removed it in error.
I am quite happy for you to use profanity in the name of humour, but when I looked the article over it seemed as though the parts that insulted people were tagged onto the end of sentences with nothing else surrounding them, thus I took them to be cyberbullying. It is for this reason that any direct reference to the girl with the Youtube channel would be frowned upon. I invite you to continue editing the article as you want but I would also ask that you read the beginners guide and HTBFANJS before doing so, this will prevent anybody else removing your work. Make sure you pay particular attention to our vanity policies and our take on cyberbullying.
We aren't here to stifle your creativity under policies, we are just trying to keep the place free of vandalism and malicious edits. Please read the above links carefully, and enjoy editing. Why not create an account? You certainly have the potential.
Note: I will also mark the page as under construction.

--ChiefjusticeDS 16:24, October 15, 2009 (UTC)

Many thanks 4 ur answers, i will create an account and carefully read the rules b4 reediting the article. i've been thinking about contributing 2 this nonsense 4 a while so maybe u're right & it's time 2 do so ^^ All the people named r indeed more or less famous and all Prince-related and the reason i used the insults randomly is that any of these girls (all being Prince's girlfriends or wife at one point) were always randomly attacked on Prince fansites, when they actually never hurt anyone. When i'm done with this article, my user name will be "Nevermind" or "Nevermind" + some number if it's already taken, so u'll know it's me when u check ^^


Ok, i read the guidelines & rules & all & i reworked the article and even added some parts ;-D I made the people references more understandable for non-Prince fans (Whatsisname's mother could now get it i guess ^^) so hopefully that will work ^^. I'm leaving the "work in progress" banner at least until i get ur feedback.

Thanx ;)

Mmmmh, weird, my name doesn't appeared even though i've logged in :-s

Ok, i take it that it's ok so i edited the "in progress" so no one will delete it ^^

[btw, I found this fairly hilarious... -ben]

Ok, i corrected the slaughtering that was done on this article before it was locked for non-members ^^

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