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edit Reconciliation

There is already an article PowerPoint (note the caps), so we need to do some moving. ({{whoops}} doesn't cut it, and this article is just barely too good to VFD.) Which of the following proposals do you like better:

  1. Move Powerpoint to PowerPoint/About (or something similar like PowerPoint/Info, PowerPoint/Background, etc.
  2. Move PowerPoint to PowerPoint/Example and then Powerpoint to PowerPoint

Of course, the text of this article probably needs improvement too. Pentium5dot1 08:57, 28 November 2006 (UTC)

edit Nonsense

I wish this article and the MS Office article didn't contain so much nonsense. For some reason many Uncyclopedia editors think it is humorous.

edit External Link?

Microsoft should donate Powerpoint to the Taliban

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