Some of them think themselves are above humour. this articles in so bad... i'm going for a reclycing rush this weekend. PedroGhandi 19:35, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

BAD? Sorry, I'm Portuguese and this article is AWESOME. In fact, I'd say 75% of it is true, especially the random facts.

Please don't mess this page up... This is so awesome beyond belief! All my friends just cracked up, and the random warning the the front page only helps XD

I Agree i think this article is cool there was some jackass that erase the portuguese version anyaway in here Portugal rules Spain LOL.

I'd like to propose an idea. Since this article is considered very awesome by all the Portuguese, including me, I propose that an administrator, or someone with enough privileges, to lock this article so that only registered users can edit it, so it doesn't get vandalized by some one that hasn't got a sense of humor.

This decision should be taken fast though, so that accidents won't happen...

Most of these jokes only Portuguese people enjoy. I like it, but I think it needs some tuning, mostly to wash away the most random things and include some jokes for other ppl to understand.

Very poor Edit

This article only has two things, private jokes and insult. Most of what is written can only be understood by portuguese people, and some things only make sense to the person who wrote it. And then half of the article is either about jose castelo branco, cursing or even both.

foda-se, ao menos leiam como estão feitos os artigos de outros países antes de virem aqui meter piadas de merda. nem dá para rir.... e depois os fdp dos brasileiros ainda vêm aqui mandar bitaites.

RE: acho gira a maneira como se pode dizer asneiras aqui XD/i think it's funny how u can talk shit here XD

anyways, i wanna put a quote that says "They're next" and it's by the Cloverfield monster on Portugal, and they won't let me --"

Though I think the article has a lot of weird/strange things about portugal, it is indeed too random to be funny. It could use a major edit to make the lulz consistent. -- Random Portuguese guy

portuguese joke Edit

The Portuguese kidnaps a boy, and send a letter and a cut ear to the families of the kidnapped. Horrified, the family members read the letter: "This is my ear ... but the next will be him!"

A tipic Brazilian joke. RE: É 'typical', seu burro. Vocês são uma puta de merda a falar inglês...Acham-se os maiores e tal, mas conseguem errar em toda a gramática, ortografia e tudo! Em vez de perder o vosso tempo a insultar aleatóriamente o vosso próprio país, vão lá fora um bocado colher as batatas e cenouras porque o pessoal da cidade tem que comer! E digo mais...à noite divirtam-se a palitar os dentes com um cotovelo pousado na mesa e tentem tirar a terra enTranhada nas unhas. Depois têm de dormir bem, porque amanhã vão tomar o vosso banho anual para irem bem lambidinhos porque têm uma longa viagem até Luxemburgo, para poder ganhar uns aeriozitos. Bando de parolos, fodasssssss!

There's so much stuff pulled out of the ass, it's not even funny Edit

Seriously. For example: "(...) known for spending almost 1.500€ (2,390.18 USD) in mobile phone messaging (...) teens go up to 2.500€(...)". > Where did that come from? This is not even an exaggeration, since most people have free SMS, especially teens.

"Even though there are lots of protests from the workers, claiming they are paid too little by the governement, a large part of the country goes to Brazil twice a year (summer vacation and New Year) during it's high seasons, they all drive cars, lunch on restaurants almost everyday and have house maids;" > LOL?! It would be okay to say people go to Allgarve once a year, not to Brazil twice a year. Regarding meals everyday on the restaurant and housemaids, only if the author is referring to people in Algarve and Lisbon, because that's not even common in the rest of the country. The average Portuguese certainly does not spend HALF of its wage in restaurants, let alone housemaids.

Making fun is one thing, pulling random facts that don't have a background out of your asses is just stupid. You may as well say the Portuguese were pioneers in the space program, they just didn't reach the moon first because their Spaceship stopped to eat Couratos midway and they got drunk.

The Tuguinhas are so insecure, they can't even stand being the butt of the joke some of the time. This is the only Uncyclopaedia article about countries that actually contains more praise for the country and its people than (as it should be the case) parody. Yeah, Tuguinhas, you're a flawless people, all that's bad in your country is the fault of Brazilians and Africans. It was them who made your country go bankrupt and beg some money from Germany and the IMF. Fucktards. 01:30, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

This article is an offense and a lie. I understand that Uncyclopedia is based on jokes that are facts.

But nothing of what is written here is a caricature of reality.

It's plain lies, to broadcast false information. I read other countries's articles, and no of them are as offensive as this one.

Some people seem to think there are things that are above humor... DruiDaFloresta (talk) 23:51, December 2, 2013 (UTC)