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Benedict XVI

This guy is the freaking anti-christ.

Bloody hell this article has been butchered to buggery since i last came here. Uncharictaristically poor form Uncyclopedia.

what happened to pope 3.0?

I miss...

When it redirected to the "emperor palpatine" article. Also, who demolished this article?

As a technical note, "Cardinal Sin" is not a good pseudonym as it is confusing. The Cardinal Archbishop of Manila, for years and years, was named Jaime Sin, so there is already a well-know, despicable Cardinal Sin.

Malachy and Benedict

Can reference be made to the monk of the Pope-list who claims that Benedict will be the last Pope (until the interpolated theoretical Peter II arrives)?

Any Bendy-doll references? Jackiespeel 16:42, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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