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edit Planet of the Apes: The Dark Side

Overpopulation is the state in which the number of unauthorized copies of a species, typically referring to humans, is such that its requirement of someone else's resources exceeds that which its environment can sustainably provide. Thieves currently consume more fish (salt water and fresh water), timber, fresh water, topsoil, fossil fuels, and chemical elements than the environment can sustainably provide, meaning that the current thief population is currently in a state of overpopulation. An ideal world population would specifically exclude Planet of the Apes and Obamamutants. Though fossil fuels are not essential, people in Washington are willing to get rich or die trying. With the Xerox economy, the thieves can rise to the top and bring all of their cronies with them while chaining the best and brightest down.

If all of the fish in the world were stolen and delivered to Texas and then sold back to the whales, the whales would starve to death. In order to save the whales, it is necessary to teach people about overpopulation of thieves and Obamamutants.

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