Now we know the perfect solution to terrorism...

The USA should broadcast to the world that ALL bullets, ammo, and delivery systems will be dipped in pigs blood before engaging in the enemy. That way, the SOB's in Iraq, would be a bit leary to engage in our troops if their dreams of paradise maybe compromised by their exposure to the forbidden. To the muslim, touching a pig or pork would be a one-way trip to hell.

Food for thought... Forgive the pun.

Painfully Boring Edit

"If you want to grow a pig personally, you must plant some Bacon seeds"

Reaction:I like pigs and food made from pigs but honstly, this just sucks. However came up with utter bullshit needs to be electrocuted with a cattle prod.

Score: 2/10 or 200/1000 the only reason i didnt give you a 0 is because of the small, sorry joke about cops being pigs, which was at least an attempt.

Improvements/Advice:You need to make the sections longer and as with most Uncyclopedians, funny. Also the article about pigs having sex was just retarted, delete.

Thought To Self: (Do I have enouch sausage for breakfast? Hmmmm....)

-- 14:24, 21 August 2007 (UTC)Arcanaruto

We need to add more memes. Man bear pig, and spider pig would make the article far more interesting.