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I have some comments about this.

No one man, no matter how clever, can come up with enough of these wonderful paraprosdokians to fill an entire article. And[1] besides that, I wanted to honor some of my favorites over the course of my comedy viewing life. Several of these are my own original concoctions (if not, they are original to me, at least). Where I have borrowed and paraphrased for the sake of inclusion here, I have tried to link to the responsible comic.

Incidentally, the greatest inventor of the paraprosdokian in my view is the inimitable Emo Philips, but I was unable to squeeze any of his best into this concept. But rest assured, I will keep trying.

Incidentally, can someone VFD (or at least IC) that horrible Mitch Hedberg piece of crap? My new user name, I think, is still too new to edit VFD (or for whatever reason - I can't edit it). I am willing to risk a red link in order to rid this great web site of that nonsense. Plus, I don't know how you satirize a man who is so comedically great. And dead. Oh, I know - the article should be written from the perspective of some a-hole who doesn't get Mitch Hedberg. Maybe.

  1. Yes, ProjectMayhem, look it up - you may begin a sentence with "and" - it is perfectly good King's English, so phooey
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