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edit The article is done :)

edit It's Done

This article is done, now when people reference image editing software other than MS paint in their image captions, they can link to this. Or they can just link the word "picture" to this as a joke ^.^ .

edit Advice

edit Advice

If you have any advice or edits, please post them below this. As always on this site, you can edit the article yourself with or without permission, just please don't huff, blank, or other forms of vandalism that aren't actually funny. Feel free to vandalize, but only if your revisions are funny and add to the article's incoherence. If your edits are simply destructive (as mentioned above), please don't bother!

edit lolwut?

I can't believe there are no articles on Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, or Rocky and Bullwinkle! These have the potential of being extremely funny subjects, and Cher is also a distinct possibility for an article. Obviously I shouldn't create them, the Milwaukee article is a very good example of how much funnier I am in my head than to other Uncyclopedians, but still :/

P.S. For the Cher article, something along the lines of "gay idol, slutty, drag queen, plastic ass, old geezer barbie doll who can't sing" would be funny. The others would be "funny because it's true and extremely exaggerated", but the can't sing one would be a funny nonsequitir, since Cher is irl an even better singer than Taylor Dayne (also should have her own article). --BieberAxeKiller (talk) 00:53, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

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