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-- 15:13, August 19, 2010 (UTC)What moron wrote this article?

Was it supposed to be funny or utterly juvenile and stupid?

I totally agree with you ,that has made the comment about the guy or maybe a woman that wrote this.

Ever who wrote this must be the biggest moron God has yet allowed to pass through a mothers womb. You sir (the one that wrote the article) you are a total lunitic with no knoledge what so ever about anything you have wrote about.. It is a crying shame people like you esist in this world.. And you have the gull to speak about the anticrist , let me tell you something or two about that its people just like you with your lame mantality that will draw the antocrist out for the world you stupid retart... And as well people like you with no brain power or should i say cells left to think with other than his own ass fat... Do us all a favor and go meet your anticrist and let him promise you the world like he did Jesus and then make sure were all there to see him tear you to shreds... What a retart you poor excuse for life. can someone put this awesome video of Lucifer killing Pagan gods in the article

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