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God I love this man! ps. Can I blow a belly fart?


The "Hubba Hubba"


Ta Da!


Ozzy, near full term


This is a site dedicated to a comedic razzing (with elements of truths woven in) of the famous Ozzy Osbourne.

The non-tongue-in-cheek Wiki on Ozzy is not here, doik! So please don't get up in arms ready to shoot the messenger, ok? This is all in good fun!

  • With that in mind, take what you read here with a BIG FUCKING HUGE grain of salt ok?


Please come in, pull upa chair, get your comfy slippers on, light up the old pipe (not the crack, sweet leaf, or tobacco kind, but the bubbles one), and enjoy!

After creating a log-in on the site (it's easy, honest), click the Edit tab above and (if you would) add your suggestions here before modifying the main site.

  • That's so we can maintain at least a semblance of sanity on changes, and avoid change wars, k?


The page was started in December 2008. The original creator of this page did it anonymously. Very funny stuff here, added to, not taken away I hope!

The following have contributed content since that time (newest first): Jonny loko, Shadowknight, Maglor, Stx423, RAHB, Sycamore, MAC food, and in May 2009 fairly relevant details and pictures to support site content were added by F darkbladeus.

(big intake of air)

For instance: Jack Osbourne worked in a steel mill, his wife Lillian in an electronics factory. Ozzy set his sister on fire, and tried to hang himself because he wanted to know what it felt like. Jack did visit the pub daily, Ozzy sat on the steps eating crisps. Ozzy was in the Pirates of Penzance play, and he was arrested for petty burglary. He did use floor cleaner on his hands to spell the letters Ozzy. Early Sabbath was called Polka Tulk Blues, and Earth. Tony Iommi today claims sole ownership of the Black Sabbath name, aka his name Tony "only-i-owny and if you don't like it go fuck yourself" Iommi. The band was blacklisted by the church, people believed they were Satan's messengers. I know, I had a mother who put holy oil on my head every night (THAT'S WHERE THOSE MONSTER 'third-eye' ZITS CAME FROM!!!) convinced I was possessed by demons because I listened to Sabbath and other "unholy bands." LOL. They did change their name based on a discarded horror film flyer lying about on the ground. Their album was released on Friday the 13th.

So ya see, everything here makes sense, unless you know jack shit about Ozzy, in which case shut the fuck up and go read something gay about a rapper or emo band you do know about.

~ Blades

lol metal and rock r all i listen 2!!!!!!!111 fuck rap lol moar liek CRAP if u know what i mean --Roman Dog Bird 02:01, January 18, 2010 (UTC)


1. please add details here

2. and number them, so we can keep track, k?

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