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I figure that there's nothin' to be lost by merging three entities of the same name together - the prison, the fantasy land, and that land Down Under. Shalom and Happy Hannukah, Terra Australis! 04:52, 5 December 2007 (UTC)


This article is so unfunny and retarded I didn't even bother editing it. Just read:

"In the series, there is a prisoner named Dorothy Gale, who hails from the Outback, where all the boongs and all the drunks are. She meets up with Augustus Hill, the narrator, who initially has an axe in his hand on a sidewalk made of dirty black bricks that were once yellow"

Who keeps writing this shit on UC, 12 year old kids who still make poop jokes? If I might remind what it says before submitting: please be funny and not just stupid.

There's so many ways to make fun of Oz and turn it into great satire; This is worse than BAD.--unsigned.

Jesus stick saved

Saving for when I work on the page. Eight more episodes to go. Aleister 23:45 3-1-'12

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