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I,in my mind invented this theory about if everything was opposite it would all be the same theory about 2-3 years ago and I wasnt sure because if the compilation of two changes wouldnt be effective because there wouldnt be a reason to have two changes in reason you would have one. Could you please explain this to me and also I have another theory. If we ever had the technology in mining equipment and the development of technology to reduce the intense heat and a long enough drill to drill through the entire earth.(Obviously not)but if we were to hypothetically drill through the earth and we jumped in this hole and the velocity and momentum faded away(although there is always momentum and velocity)and it ran out because energy does not last forever, would the gravity, since it pulls toward the centre, make us float in the centre of the earth? I.E. if you lived in north america and someone is in a part of asia (opposite side of the world)they would be relitively standing upside down compared to you but there is gravity so it is focused to the centre. My idea is that the centre of celestial body that has gravity related to the same amount of density to that of earth,would eventually form a bond between you and the forces of the body and make you evidentily weightless?


-- 04:37, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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