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seriously, Quebecers blow

Really constructive. This article isn't even funny, and whoever wrote it doesn't help this stupid war of words between Quebecers and the rest of Canada on this site. The above comment proves it. I'm just so fucking tired of Canadians bashing Quebecers and vice-versa.

Maybe Canadians would stop bashing Quebeckers if either A) Quebeckers were real Canadians; B) Quebeckers spoke a real language; C) Anyone other than Quebeckers liked Quebeckers; D) Quebec would step the fuck off and get in line; E) Quebec would step off a cliff; F) Anything that rids our fine country of everything Quebec could get past the drooling, screaming 130cm black haired babbling freaks who can't hack life in a real country. Every French Canadian who isn't a Quebecker agrees, and the only thing Quebec is interested in is making sure it never has to work a real job.
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