Tesla stealing inventions from the others Edit

Tesla is often portrayed as one whose inventions were stolen by Edison and other scoundrels (just ask anyone from former Yugoslavia). This stereotype could be nicely covered here.

Another missing opportunity is Tesla's invention of death rays. He was the one who caused Tunguska explosion, his invention cause effects of Bermuda triangle and so on.

The article could be so much better playing with these memes. 03:01, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

Tesla is one bad mofo and also the god of electricity. Worship him for you cannot win, he shall disarm your weapons, destroy your human civilization as you know it and burn you to a crisp. He also tried to save the world with his sidekick Mark Twain during his mortal life yet none of this is mentioned in the article.

Has no one thought of making fun of the fact that he's basically the patron god of Reddit?! Like, they've humped the leg of his ghost and spirit so much that he's got to haunt with a limp now.

I am going to change it as he deserves it.

Da ti nije bilo Tesle ne bi ti ovo ni pisao vole Američki. Idi jedi hamburger.