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uhhh... how is this funny?

I know a few New Yorkers who will find it racist (sure, how only the Blacks and Puerto Ricans speak it), ethnic biased (esp. the references to Jews, Irish or Italians), class snobbish (lower-class persons who at least appear upper-class), etc. and most of all, many New Yorkers don't want people thinking New Yorkers are rude, crass, low-brow, mean-spirited, pushy and neurotic. Note Bill O'Reilly is a Long Island born-and-raised New Yorker known for his verbal abuse tactics, random outbursts at his guests, and spouting obscenities or vulgar language. New Yorkers, get a sense of humor and don't be like those West Coast/California types who think everything one says about groups of people is "hate speech", no wonder most of the South, West, Southwest and Midwest states don't like yous. Btw, the New York state department of education has failed to teach the English language properly, probably a result of the American revolution in an attempt to stop sounding "British" and today, the loyalists speak "Canadian" + PotatoSmut 10:39, 12 April 2009 (UTC)
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