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Its absolutely amazing how accurate this uncyclepedia actually is. However, with the minimal teenage pregnancy occuring, fewer and fewer residents are attending the University of Crayons and Colouring Books and are unable to read such interesting information about our hometown. Our prime minister is actully in the process of lowering the age for premarital sex from 12 to 7. A big leap, but a necessary one if we are to keep our town growing in the greatness that it is. As well, prostitution is being legalized with payment of narcotics and/or spiced rum due to the loss of thousands of jobs as the Coal Mines are now shut down. So get on them corners boys and girls... its your time to shyne ;)

By the way... Wheres our wildlife paragraph?


-- 14:38, 4 August 2006 (UTC)LOL

edit Wildlife

We will add one soon, I didn't think any other Cape Bretoners were on this site lol

Oh yes they are!! I'm the major and i make sure all Capers and former Cape Bretoners lost throughout the world are kept updated on such importantness as our teen pregnancy rate!

edit Comments on this article

I happen to live in New Waterford. >:(. Actually, this article kicks ass, I give this article thumbs up.

edit Comments from

who the fuck is doin this shit??????

edit Reply

It's a secret, the author of this article is not from New Waterford though. This is supposed to be a funny article, chill the fuck out.

edit Repeated Vandalism

Why do these dickweeds keep vandalizing the page, if you can't be funny, don't touch it and no one from the pier is writing this stuff, its a joke site, lighten up. Also, quit calling people faggot. It sounds like something a 12 year old would say and it will be deleted anyways.

edit hilarious

this is really funny...i couldnt believe glen marsh wasnt there so i had to add him..keeper up

edit Interesting

I just have to say that I thought the whole idea of the website was really funny until I saw it made reference to specific people. That part really bothered me. You may think it's funny and only a joke but you forget that these people have family members who may find it offensive. I know anyone can add what they want to the site so the one thing I ask is that people avoid using specific names. Thanks!

edit Well Then

If there is something that you don't like on this website then what is stopping you from deleting it? Don't jus bitch about it..and if you didn't want any names on this page then why make a title called "NOTEABLE PEOPLE"?Just Doesn't make sense.One more thing:You think that those people have family member who may find it offensive well what about every single person in New Waterford who read this stuff about their town?You don't think that they're not going to find anything on this page offensive to begin with?Think again.Stop being a hypercrite! -Krystal, Sydney.

edit Personal Attacks

If anyone is offended by specific names mentioned, just take them down anyone can edit Uncyclopedia. If someone gets offended by whats said about New Waterford though, tough shit, you'll have to deal with it. Glace Bay, Sydney, Dominion, and a bunch of other places all have articles about them. Lighten up and don't be such little bitches. This is a parody site and is protected by free speech.

Most of the Vanity has been removed from the page now its against uncyclopedia policy and they may have deleted the page if it wasn't removed. When I originally wrote this article, there were no Notable people seeing how I only know a handful of people from New Waterford, none of them really notable lol. I think the rest of the article is funny though and anyone who gets offended about what is said about New Waterford is a fucking weirdo anyways.

I started the notable people section and I think it should be put back. Some of it was slander, and that should be gotten rid of but the Frankie Bursey bit and such should be back. It wasn't attacking them, just taking there roles in the town and exaggerating them.

edit LOL

I just dieddd at this page!!! hilarious!

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