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Here is the previous version of the article. Please feel free to salvage the more humorous elements and incorpoate the text into the current article. 06:08, 14 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Song used as musical opium to convince a country that it is better then all others.

Sititet Urlas Mani Miilie Sitiet Urlas Braalu bars!!!!

Tancujut Vse


Urlas Baigi Krutie Džeki Lohi Narkomāni Zeki Meklē Kuram Dot Pa Seju Meklē Kuru Saukt Par Geju

Pirmie Džeki Savā Sētā Baigi Nozīmīgos Mētā Tagad Viņi Iziet ielās Un Ar Savu Piķi Lielās

Uzkačājis baigo būdu Urla Debīlaaks Par Sūdu Tulīt Kādam Piesiesies Pats Pa seju Norausies


Sititet Urlas Urlām Nāve Urlām Nāve Urlām Nāve

Sititet Urlas Urlām Nāve Urlām Nāve Urlām Nāve

Sititet Urlas Urlām Nāve Urlām Nāve JAAAAA!!!!

Bonus Points

Bonus points are added to all countries where the vast majority of the countrymen and women sing the anthem with heartfelt passion, yet have no idea what the words mean (e.g.Wales).

Notable Anthem

Italy has one of the finest anthems, having the scale and form of a major opera.

England has one of the worst, being a collossal dirge that takes about three hours to sing, with one note every ten minutes or so. Although that's what they get for getting John Cage to write it.

Canada has the shortest anthem.

Spain has an anthem which they stole from a rapper. It says "It's getting hot over here, so we're gonna sweat our asses off!"

Other Anthems

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