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I try to make an effort not to completely erase what other people have written, and to salvage what others have done and expand upon it. However, I think this article is one of those media stories that has potential for better mockery opportunities - and I am willing to give it a reboot since it hasn’t been touched in 7 months. The current version now seems to follow "random nonsense is funny" logic, and even has a "is in a band" quote – both I feel in violation of the spirit of the Holy Scripture. So if what I replace it with is deemed to be less funny than what was there at first, feel free to revert it back. Oh, I'm also supposed to leave a signature too or something, huh? I'll fugure it out. -- Nakedman 00:21, 21 April 2006 (UTC)

edit STFU

Shut the fuck up already. Rich bitch goes to Aruba, gets stoned assed drunk, accidentally dies and gets fed to the sharks. End of story. Now you pussy Wiki addicts can delete this.

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