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Below is my version of the beginning of a Nancy Drew File's book :

Nancy Drew Files number 1000 The Case of the Provocative Portrait

Sixteen year old Nancy Drew was on the way to see the head of River Heights School.Nancy was sure it was the start of another mystery, either that or it was about the length of her micro-mini skirts! Nancy loved mysteries, she could not wait for the next one to start, even though Nancy knew she would be repeatedly knocked-out, probably kidnapped and she had lost count on the number of times she had regained consciousness wearing only her bra and panties.

She knocked on the heads door. 'Enter' came a voice. Nancy walked in. The head licked his lips as the stunning sleuth stood in front of him, her tight black micro skirt barely covering her curves. 'Put you bag on the chair over there, Nancy' he said. Nancy turned and stooped to place her bag on the chair and she felt her tight skirt riding up. 'Oh damn' she said, adjusting it. The head, meanwhile, could not believe his luck and Nancy white g-string panties came into view.

'What can I do for you' said Nancy.

'My favourite portrait is missing' he said. 'What was it of' said Nancy. 'Ah', he said 'it showed me in a rather exposed position, I need it back before it get ound the school'

Nancy promised she would do her best. She met her friend George outside the room and told her the story. Then she looked upand saw Sue Strong. Sue was the only person in the school who did not like the hugely popular Nancy, she was jealous and wanted to see her fail. 'Ah, Miss Drew' what did he want. 'Nothing for nosey's' said Nancy. 'Nothing to do with his missing portrait, then' Nancy was shocked.'Come round to my house tonight' said Sue and I will reveal more'. 'How do I know its not a trap' said Nancy, aware she was not very friendly with Sue. 'Ah, that the mystery,Miss Drew' you don't' Sue laughed, at last she had one upon Nancy Drew. Later Nancy turned up at Sues house. She was surprised to see Sues boyfrield Billy there,her was a photographic expert. 'So what do you want to reveal', said Nancy. 'More of you' said Susan. With that she reached out and placed her thumbs on Nancy's neck, subjecting Nancy to a deadly sleeper hold. 'Oooh' moaned Nancy, 'I think I am going to faint'.'You are correct,Nancy' laughed Sue. Seconds later Nancy fainted, Sue stooped catching Nancy oner her shoulder.Nancys tight denim micro-mini skirt came high up her backside, revealing Nancy's white lacy g-string panties. Billy clicked away capturing Nancy in her reavealing position. 'Front page news again, Nancy Drew'! TO BE CONTINUED Nancyout1 13:26, June 3, 2011 (UTC)--Nancyout1 13:26, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

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