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This article was nominated for deletion on February 1, 2010.
The result of the discussion was Keep.

This is a collaboration re-edit.

We agree to respect each other's edits and coordinate a vision. Anything disliked by the other is summarily dropped and hsppily replaced with something better. In this type of team writing the page writes itself. No-one really gets to have control over every little thing. The sum of all parts is better than the individual contributions. While some editors cannot collaborate due to style differences, others can't write great content alone without a certain type of editor partner. Collaborative writing is the most rewarding since we try to wow each other and make the other laugh and get instant feedback (both positive and negative). Having an ability to impart a sense of vision to each other rather than repeatedly say the other is "doing it wrong" is an essential element, although some editors just think alike. A silly editor, with total fictionalized vision is not generally going to mesh well with a realist satire, who takes the truth and explains it so it sounds like humor, for instance. So being changeable is key to collaborative writing. If you are interested in collaborative writing, see User:SPIKE or anyone listed below. Trying to collaborate with an editor on a page they have taken ownership for, deep in the rewrite process is not going to be successful; everyone agrees before the page work is started about collaboration. Generally, each editor does about the same amount of work. If you want to direct someone to do the majority of the editing because you are lazy then critique all their edits to match your vision, then add two things and get credit for a good funny page, that's probably not going to work well. Noobs are not slave ghost writers (since many have more experience with other wiki's and comedy writing elsewhere). But if you want to be involved in making each other laugh, collaboration is for you. Be sure to give clear constructive suggestions to each other. Ask questions, like "Don't you think it would be better to do _____?" If you change their edits, you must let them change yours especially for a very good reason, like copyright issues, verbosity or plain stupid not funny content like dick jokes. Be nice, be cooperative and be specific and brainstorm good ideas. Give a list of suggestions and let the other editor roll those in, or share the work load doing it. Happy Collaboration!L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 15:48, 4 February 2010

  • Lisa Not Editing
  • Aleister Not Editing

Please add suggestions and critique:

edit Hi Lisa

Gave a start by cleaning up the red links, putting a photo in (don't have to keep that one, but it would be good to have a black musician, and this might work), and some edits.Started sections.

We should have a way to know if one of us is working so we don't have edit conflicts and wipe out our entire work. I'll put a thing up on this page at the top, with our names, and we can sign in or out on this page. So if I'm working I'll sign in. Will put it up now. Enjoy. Aleister in Chains 22:26 1 Feb. MMX

Thanks, I noted the "Editing Now" tag that I can edit to alert others I am there, so newly developed content won't be saved while either of us are working on it.. The "Editing Now" might best be made into a little template, graphic banner.

Your edits look good. I agree it's worth rewriting; good concept. User:SPIKE knows how to pick em! L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 01:06, 2 February 2010

OK, will read yours later or in the A.M. If this works out well maybe we can start a new tradition here, that the present and previous NOTM collab on a page. That sounds like a good tradition to begin, actually. Enjoy Freddie Hubbard and his deep deep teachings. Aleister

edit Theme?

Well, where are we going with this page? Back after editing. Al Back now. I didn't get why Prince was in there, and where the article is going. We should agree on a theme before a total redesign. I had put up the sections on C Org and the tone of E meter to work on them. Musicology, imnho, as shown here, shouldn't be a negative piece, I don't think, but a way to define and describe Hubbard and Scientology in a metaphoric article. The best and the worse of the group. Some good new graphics. The Youtube video, ? Huh? Didn't get what that was about or how it fit into the page. Ok, enough for now. More soon. Al 1:54 3 Feb. MMX

Maybe it is better if you work on this yourself, you can just revert my edits back to yours and do what you want with this page. You've put a lot of work into the templates and such. And, I mean the youtube video choice, I don't get that at all, so we'd probably come to loggerheads. If I want do a Hubbard page I can create a new one, so this might be the best route right now. Thoughts? Aleister in Chains.
Al my ChainMiester, (or Meistress) thanks for the suggestions. I work in a manner that accepts all critique. So, you can hit it and remove my stuff. I see that you are emotionally attached to L. Freddy, so let's keep him at the top. I am just a bit concerned because that photo of L. Freddy is copyright? Did you notice that? I didn't do any templates for this one. I just grabbed a rap youtube video, but I see you don't agree with that, so you can just go change that, okay? It's a rewrite, right? That means that anything and everything gets a group rewrite until we like it all. I dropped Prince in because he has an album called Musicology. The Theme is already there. It's just how far we get to move it in. I often rewrite everything at least 4 times, so don't worry that your edits overwriting my work. Did you want a Rasta theme then? Rasta Voodoo theme? Give me your vision here? I am just laying in Scientology psychobabble. I didn't intend it as anti-scientology. Where did you read that, perhaps from the cost of the Emeter? They actually are more expensive. I didn't mean to make them appear like cheap Jim & Tammy Faye Baker religious trinkets; I will research and place the exact price maybe even a nice Musicology Meter Advertisement? I think I need to get some graphics ideas from Scientology/Dianetics and give Gimp a big workout today... You can hit it now, I am not working on her yet (later). L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 10:57, 3 February 2010

Hi Lisa. No, not at all caring about the price of the e-meter. I'd say that they should give it away for free on the street. Put it into cereal boxes so children can use it to audit their friends in the schoolyard. I really don't have a theme outside of music, and the one idea I thought of was expanding the ability to use the key of e-meter )where "e" is the clear/theta state and anything else is on a charge on a specific sound or note of music) to audit famous musicians (give Bruce Springsteen an auditing, for example). So go with what you have in mind and I'll put some stuff in, maybe in separate sections where I can run with it, as you say. And the Youtube thing, we can find some good material, maybe a Hubbard tape or something. This is getting long, so talk to you soon. Aleister 2:21 4 Feb. MMX

Right, an alternate Universe Musicology? Laugh! Instead of trying to move the content toward existing banners or graphics, i will create more custom content graphics and simplify the content. It's going to be short, not long like the last few or like Arizona and obnosis. Looking for more of a streamlined effort like Youtubers. Can I swap out L. Freddy Hubbard's photo or gimp it????? I think I must (copyright) L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 15:36, 4 February 2010




Positive (rather than negative satire) "take off" of Musicology taken from Scientology. [We want to use positive references that either are or could be true - can't tell if they are true or false.] We want to steer away from fictionalized silly "comedic" writing (using third person, wrong tense, short sentences, first person singular story telling style, that we see so much of on Uncyclopedia (reads like comix) also. Example: L. Freddy Hubbard was born with dreads. We thought he was from Terminator. He barked rather than talk. He told his Dad he wanted flatulence and smegma for his 2nd birthday. Baby Dreads is a great idea, let's do it via custom graphics like a school newspaper picture or ?; a quote from Governer Schwartenegger could be a caption on a graphic from Terminator meets Alien, changed by Gimp to add H Freddy, instead?

All content, like descriptive copy might best look like what is published by Flag for Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard; flashy, professional and idealistic. All of the content will be riotously funny if it looks like it could be true? Like we can't say he was Superman or aliens attacked him if that's not similar to what would not be found on existing press releases and durable sources. The page I have a vision for due to realism is YouTubers.

You have a good hold and vision for the page. I'll add in, but probably won't edit for as much of a time and energy (graphic creation, etc.) as you have. I liked your example of the "wrong" kind of sentence to include. If this actually turns out to be very professional looking, that would be fun. I'll add in the tone scale/key of e meter data for now, and good luck on your edits. Aleister in Chains 1:18 5 Feb MMx
That's fine Mr. Chains, Sir. Whatever you like will be welcome dropped in. I love the new LFH! L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 02:12, 5 February 2010
Love your graphics Mr. Chains. I don't want anything used already on Wiki, but I will use one or two. I think I am going to do a big graphic for the tone scale, so I love your ideas. I am not editing today, I will be back tomorrow. L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 19:58, 6 February 2010
Same way, to an extent. I try not to use graphics which are widely used on uncy, but if they have one or a few uses and are on particulary non-looked at pages then I consider them useable. And copyright is not a big deal on uncy like it is on wikipedia, many of the images are copyrighted but that's ok here. Thanks, and enjoy. Al 21:16 6 Feb. MMX
It is to me looking for an excuse to make custom graphics! I am really busy with a work gig right now, but I will get this hashed out in a day or so. L!$@ Lisalisa(Meow!)(Contribs) 23:12, 8 February 2010 23:12, February 8, 2010 (UTC)
edit To Do

Please add your ideas here:

  • REMOVE Graphic supposedly "L. Freddy Hubbard"; it's already attributed to "Dusty Books on another page here; it's copyrighted. Replace with a custom version.
  • Add custom graphics, then rewrite content last.
  • Mock-up Banner --> Like Wikipedia's that states the references cannot be verified as from durable sources. Make it look REAL. Make outside sources external links to pages that appear real (on one of my external sites).
  • Fake newspaper headline on Musicology as Cult Tossed from School Text books and music programs - Gimp Graphic
  • Get different photo of L. Freddy Hubbard (copyright issue) - place it into a BIO BOX like slick promotional materials from Flag.
  • Emeter graphic on Cereal Boxes
  • Change headquarters to be international
  • Add an National Inquirer Alien HeadLine with L. Freddy Hubbard mockup on external page
  • Add famous Scientologist musicians like Jerry Goldsmith (did the music for Star Wars), Leonard Cohen (famous early "Clear"/heroin addict)
  • Add strict Alcohol/Drug Treatment Center called Narconon (changed to "MuseAnon") with Cerebrity Centers (fake external reference), with a photo together with the Purification Rundown, via pamplet satire. Possibly on external link to fake mock-up Flag site of Musicology.
  • Tone scale. Notes. The bottom emotion can be "Tone Deaf". Maybe at the bottom of the page there can be a whole series of photos portrying the different levels of the Tone scale.
Some photos for the tone scale at bottom of page. The exorcist can go there if you don't like it in the body of the article. The tones could be Apathy, Grief, Hiding, Fear, Suppressed Anger, Anger, Resentment, Boredom, Happiness, Serenity, Goddess. Some Examples and options. You get the idea, thoughts?:



"Fear" or "Grief". Probably Grief. The exorcist pic is Suppressed Anger or Resentment

La fille aux cheveux de lin

Serenity or Goddess tone

edit Update

Been offline for a while (hospitalization). Page needs help, we know.


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