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edit National Motto

The national motto was "Here's looking at you, Allah." which was clever (since it is a play off of the line "Here's looking at you, kid." from the movie Casablanca, which made Morocco more famous) and I thought a bit amusing. However someone changed it to "Harira for Zahira." stating that "Here's looking at you, Allah." could be considered offensive by some people. I feel that the statement is not offensive in any way, since it does not make fun of Allah at all. Perhaps that person should see the Uncyclopedia articles on "Muslim" or "Allah" to see what a potentially offensive article IS. Perhaps that person should get a thicker skin. Regardless, in an effort at New Years time to be more considerate, I am willing to find middle ground here. So, I will now change the National Motto to: "Here's looking at you, Jihadi.". Wikipedia defines a "Jihadi" as: " individual who participates in advancing Jihad.". TyCamden-01.02.2009.

On January 08, 2008, the national motto was AGAIN changed, this time from "Here's looking at you, Jihadi." to "Harira for Zahira." with the reason stated as: "noone really understands "here's looking at you, jihadi" but every moroccan and most non-moroccans will understand the meaning of harira for zahira". I could not disagree more. In fact, I googled the phrase "Harira for Zahira" and the ONLY hits were the Morocco Uncyclopedia page. I will now be changing it back to it's original form: "Here's looking at you, Allah.". TyCamden-01.02.2009.

edit Oscar Wilde quote

The "Oscar Wllde on Moroccan Literature" quote near the top of the page was "Can I borrow your pen?" which was clever since there is a section later in the article regarding Moroccan Literature which mainly focus' on it being signing breasts, therefore, Oscar wants to borrow a pen to sign some breasts (moroccas).

However someone changed it to "Morocco is heaven on earth if you ask me, except heaven will have MUCH less brown people, for sure." for reasons unknown.

I changed it back, since the original quote about the pen relates to Literature, and is more humorous.


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