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For some reason, the article's title makes me think about Modusoperandi. -Sockpuppet of an unregistered user 11:53, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

The author of this has less talent than an ant - his/her attempts at humour are worse than pathetic

Skinheedz ya bassa

edit What was MISSED

I think you forgot to give a good conclusion as to why the people of moodiesburn are this way and I can give you that:

Moodiesburn for the past 40 years has been plagued with inbreeding this is not just from moodiesburn but niebouring towns from carrdown to gartcosh even before this the people in these othere towns where inbreeding and when moodiesburn was formed this mass inbreeding created its new town from these neighbouring towns. Did you never speak to the peopel directly if you did you would surley realse that everyone in moodiesburn is related? Every so ofton New people come in and mate with one of the locals but there inbreeding will be the next generation as people from moodiesburn only mate in certain ways:

The Parents 1. There parents met at school where from Moodiesburn got married lived in Moodiesburn (so everyone in moodiesburn had married into another family in moodiesburn. 2.There parents met at school 1 was from Moodiesburn got married lived in Moodiesburn ( Outside Blood)

The Children

1. Go to school in Moodiesburn high school in either Chryston or St Maurices meet someone in the silver larch have kids( could be more than one child could be more than one person to each child a.k.a Dolly Mixture Children) 2.Got to school in Moddiesburn High School Either Chryston or St Maurices meet someone at school have kids 3. This is the smaller group the minority they leave Moodiesburn and branch out on there own meet someone from a diffrent town away from the in breeding.

The next generation are already doing the same.

Thanks x

edit The Mafia

Another subject that has been missed from main article was the Moodiesburn Mafia AKA the Berry family.

For years the Berry's have ruled over this small mining town with terror and an Iron Fist. It started off with there very own Don Corleone Tommy Berry Snr. After his retirement as head of the family this role was given to Steven Berry, more fondly known as Stevie B to family insiders. Stevie B although not the oldest received the nomination only after his brothers Tommy Jnr, Sloop John B, Charliebhoy and Frank voted in his favour.Stevie B, his wife Katie B and there children have crowned them selves the Royals of MBurn and make residents call them Your majesty.

Unless you are "in" with the family and pay your "Berry Taxes" your life is made a living hell. The last Moodiesburn resident who did not pay up in time was tied to 600 helium filled balloons and was last seen crossing the English channel.

They have now started branching overseas with Charliebhoy starting the expansion when he moved to North Cyprus, closely followed by the next generation of The Don's Grandchildren who moved down under to Oz and to Dubai.

World domination seems to be the MASTERPLAN.

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