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Here's the funniest thing about Romney, he's so vanilla that even though he's the presumptive nominee of his party for the presidency nobody at uncy cares. His article is stuck in 2008, it has never had a talk page, the first quote was misspelled, and the page is formatted like shit. For the first time I can link this seriously, because Nobody cares. Aleister 23:58 3-1-'12 night of the Iowa caucus which Romney hopes will launch his vanilla ass into the White House.

edit Can we protect this page as is?

There have been only three very minor IP vandals on this page since January 12, in an entire month, a month in which it seems Romney is getting more press and publicity since Elvis died, nobody cares. This page is living proof that nobody cares about this guy. He is so bland he doesn't even attract vandals. Can we protect the page as it is right now, riddled with random and stupid as hell but the page that we explain in a template that nobody cared about to edit into even quarter-decent shape in the six years that this guy has been running for president. Nobody cares (this time literally) and we have more proof right here. That would be good satire. Aleister 18:06 12-2-'12

edit Please keep up the good work....

I was worried this was a wierd ass upping of the douche. good work, and i hope you continue your dedication to nonsense bio's of people we're all worried about....

edit Editing

Why can I edit...I didn't see a protection banner or anything, there was no edit button . I came here just to do Willard "Burned" Mittens Romney... And then I was going to create a Paul Ryan article... -.- L

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I hope that answers the question. To become autoconfirmed you need to be here for a week or so and make a bunch of edits. This article has been a vandalism target in the past though so Socky has protected it to reduce vandalism.                               Puppy's talk page05:11 16 Aug
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