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I don't get it... what's the point of a humor article if the humor itself is completely indecipherable? I can understand the symmetry and all that technical work, and even almost appreciate it, but I just don't understand what the point of this is. Humor is supposed to be laughed at, not quietly admired by so-called "Hilarity Academics" for its technical proficiency and subsequent obtuseness. I demand you replace its current abomidable state with my tasteful rewrite. -- User:Comic Purist

But what is the point of humor if we cannot advance and elevate it? I know your type, Comic Purists; you and your type just think you're just a bunch of comic purists, ordering people around about what they can and cannot laugh at. Well you know what? Who cares if you laugh? This article is not designed for laughter. The construction of its jokes may be abstract to the point of being "obtuse" and "academic," but we must not forget that humor is still a science, like mathematics. Like the sciences, humor would stagnate if it stayed in place. This article, and others like it, are constructed for the sake of advancement, pure and simple. As we advance humor with articles like mine, which arrange the jokes in serial order to ensure that no joke is said the same way twice, we can increase the efficiency of our articles to levels we've never imagined. -- User:SuddenlySerial
So then why constrict it with this completely unreadable, garbled mishmash? True humor is about leaving space for improvisation, alterations and moments of inspired genius! Not only is this article unfunny, but it is damnably damaging to the state of humor as a whole. -- User:Comic Purist
Putter forth to your own dead ends if you want, my articles will be precisely better than yours for the own reasons you describe as damnable. By organizing each character down to the smallest non-breaking space, I have created a state in which each joke the article contains is completely unique. Altering just a single point on this page would create a completely different article entirely, rife with whole new avenues for silent laughter. -- User:SuddenlySerial
But each article you describe will just be equally unfunny, despite their uniqueness! The layman's ears cannot appreciate such hyperoganized poppycock! It is a humorist's suicide to follow your approach. -- User:Comic Purist
So what if you get baffled by its hyperorganization? If you don't find it funny, then you can suck a dick. --User:SuddenlySerial
I was ready to write a lengthy, well-argued rebuttal to your "points" until I got to the point where you told me to suck a dick. To that, sir, I say that you should suck two dicks. Then three dicks, then four dicks, and all the way up to eleven dicks. Then, just as you get to twelve dicks, you only suck two dicks again. -- User:Comic Purist
You... you... heartless bastard! --User:SuddenlySerial

wtf is this shit


fuck im

what the fuck is goin on here i dont understan a single w3rd of dis shit fck yu milton rabbit whoever the fuck you are... n fuck milton freedman too,,, yeah i dont give a shit abot economics either, dooshes. suk on the rocks and shit, its all junk..... -- 03:09, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

Told you so! Told you so! -- User:ComicPurist
Dude, you just don't get the point. -- User:SuddenlySerial
No you don't get the point. -- User:ComicPurist
Hey guys what's going on over here? -- User:John Cage
Ugh, go away Cage. You understand humor less than the other guy. -- User:SuddenlySerial
  -- User:John Cage
Smartass... -- User:SuddenlySerial
Good Small Nominated Article
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As Milton Babbitt would say, "What the fuck?

Hey asshole, TheKillerfroggy or whatever the username is, we already have an article on Philip Glass, and now this article has been made repeating words and phrases somewhat like the Philip Glass article, giving us the impression that some aspects of Babbitt's output involve repeating over and over and over again in accordance to those Glass antics, as opposed to reality, where Babbitt's music vehemently resists repetition, at least any kind of repetition (including repetition of strings of sounds either forwards or backwards, which was really a feature of composers of the past before Babbitt) which produces meaning like the words repeated in this article. Either way I deem this article in its present state to fit the class of "stupid not funny". I'd appreciated if at least you had attempted anagrams, but going beyond that and making it into satire would require more than just that, such as relating to the technicality or dryness of Uncle Milty's speech, to his perceived elitism and kind of an unfunniness, and to the computer which he used to compose sounds, or which used him to compose sounds, whichever way that was. ~~elitist_asshole

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