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May I ask what is the obsession with Serbia in an article about NYC? Despite the Serbs not being a very significant community in Manhattan, they are mentioned in a very many places. Also on the list of inhabitants is "Yugoslavs," which would cover Serbs, along with a few other groups of people (hence it seems a little redundant, one term or the other should be used, and I'd suggest 'Yugoslav' since it covers a greater portion of the Balkan region). Also, there is a mention of a Serbian Sultanate. This may be referring to Ottoman rule over the region: However, I'm unsure if the historical reference is accurate, since the Ottoman rule wasn't limited to Serbia; they also ruled over Bosnia. I understand that historical accuracy isn't the goal here, but the page does become confusing once such references are thrown in, but aren't entirely clear (and yes, this stems partially from my own lack of knowledge of the political structure of the Ottoman Balkans). Also, I don't quite understand the whole thing about Serbian plumbers... I happen to know a Serb who's work does include plumbing, but I don't see the reference. However, I must note that even if the Serbs aren't as large a presence in NYC as the author suggests (and hence any joke seems a little unclear), there is over all a large number of ex-Yugoslavs, so I can see where the author is going. And I know this; I'm one of them.The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

Dude, it's a wiki. By definition, anybody can edit it. Every idiot and his uncle has had a go at this article. If you don't like something about it, and you think you can make it funnier, why don't you jump in feet first with your nut-stomping steel-toed boots and make it funnier...or at least make its nuts flatter? ~ BB ~ (T) Icons-flag-usThu, May 10 '12 23:54 (UTC)
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