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im maltese and i find this website so insulting, if i found you in malta id do more to you than steal your wallet you fucking prick, the maltese are rated as one of the friendly races on this planet, im the exeption, so retract all the un-truths you backward racist, your sincerly Alesandro

Oh shut up!!! GEEZ! Close your browser NOW!!! Ya damn moron! --⇔ Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU F@H|UotM|+S 21:44, 20 July 2006 (UTC)

I'm Maltese and I'm not insulted at all.

Alesandro, if you still come here: I can tell you are offended by this article, but you must understand that it is all a joke. Type USA or France in the search, and you will find that they too are false. Now, if you want to insult this page, go ahead, but it was ment to be a joke, nothing more. Come to think about it, this page is pretty crappy. I'll try and fix it up. Kikimora

Hahaha. Its a joke...but funiily enough its kinda true! - - JD

Dude you need to relax, its all in the name of fun and laughter. I'm Maltese myself and laughed my head of at this page...lighten up. Check out the page on France, their national symbol is the Swastika and white surrender flag. Lol. - - S.S.

Jien Malti lol u tad dahk il bicca xoghol se zzid magghha jew ser thalliha ekk?

I'm Maltese and I found this page absolutely hilarious, and to a certain extent, quite revealing. Loved the part about the ewro.

I am Maltese and read through the entry very carefully. I detected slight errors here and there, mostly dates that are off by a couple of years, but it is the most accurate social and political history I have seen to date. As an historian I am very tempted to set the record straight and mention the two-month stint enjoyed by Madonna (pop-singer not Mater Dei) as secretary to the High Council of Local Food and Beverage Research and Development Committee (Marketing) Ltd. However I think that the author is competent enough to have a perfectly good reason for glossing over the fact. Well done guys, keep adding to this gem. -- Josemarvincent B.

I'm Maltese and d site was hillarious hehe...prosit..

Like everyone else who added a comment to this page, I'm maltese, and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed by the state of this article. I remember a few months ago that this article was one of the best on uncyclopedia; the current article is too long. The introduction is repetitve and full of punctuation errors. The section on "mating" isn't funny at all, it's repulsive and not really relevant to Malta (the majority of Maltese people don't have large moustaches). I'm going to try fixing the spelling and sentence structure problems...

I am UTTERLY disgusted and insulted !

edit Malta

I was thoroughly disgusted to see that article on Malta.

The Maltese are a proud and brave people. That is why H.M. King George VI awarded the whole island the George Cross during the Second World War. Which is basically the medal being awarded to every man, woman and child who was there at the time.

It held, and probably still holds the record for the most heavily bombed place on earth........

Oh come on it's just a joke. I'm Maltese and I'm proud to be one. Great article mocking us Maltese.

I am Maltese and im not going to say this is insulting because it is all true! some people need to lighten up!

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