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|place=Earth, Saturn, Eros, Formica |result=Decisive Human Victory

  • Formics expelled from Formica
  • Formica destroyed

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Template:Endplainlist | combatant2 = Template:Plainlist

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| campaignbox = Template:Campaignbox Formicidae War }}

"The Great Formicidae War" was a fictional Interstellar war that took place in the Ender's Game universe also know as the Enderverse written by Orson Scott Card. It was a conflict that took place between 2075-2150 AD, lasting for about seventy-five years. It involved the two most intelligent races of that time, the Humans and the Formics. The war was composed of several wars and battles, these were the First invasion, the Second invasion, the first minor formic war, the second minor formic war and the Third invasion. The Various Theaters Were Saturn, The Kuiper belt, Earth Airspace and Formica Airspace.

The war was Driven by antagonism Between

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