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Why does everything that's editable say Zombiebaron?

yea. why? --Realturka 15:41, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Sometimes admins vandalize the main page. As soon as we figure out who did it, we'll figure out a suitable punishment.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 23:20, 16 January 2008 (UTC)
Well, I give up. Who was it? Come on, tell us! - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 23:29, Jan 16
Dunno. Maybe we should call up the FBI. Does anyone know if vandalism of a satirical humor wiki is covered by the PATRIOT ACT?--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 23:48, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Profanity? Insanity!

Any chance that we can have a ban on profanity on uncyclopedia? The f word is such a lame way of trying to be funny. Just a suggestion from a former sailor-mouthed loser. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Refreshing2924 (talk • contribs)

While too much profanity is overkill and can be unfunny, profanity in and of itself can be extremely funny, and sometimes critical to an article's humor. So no; fuck that. ;) --THINKER 19:14, 9 January 2008 (UTC)
Also read: Titshugger Penishead McFucknutter. - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 20:15, Jan 9
But I like using the f-word. How else can I describe something as "funny?"--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 23:49, 9 January 2008 (UTC)
Well, you could always replace "funny" with "fucking hilarious." Then, we'd all be happy. -RAHB 00:05, 10 January 2008 (UTC)
Ugh, I hate censorship, though.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 13:02, 10 January 2008 (UTC)
Imagine if Schindler's List had been censored! How funny would it be then, HUH? --THINKER 16:04, 10 January 2008 (UTC)
Certainly not "fucking hilarious," that's for sure. -RAHB 18:57, 10 January 2008 (UTC)

Quote on mainpage suggestion

There should be a quote on the main page that parodies the one on wikipedia at the moment. 'I am so grateful for your wonderful site - Anonymous'. I think the one on here should be 'I am so ungrateful for your shithouse excuse for a site - Anonymous'. I don't know how to add it though so someone else can do it.

The problem is that the Anonymous quote changes every page you go to. However, a parody of the whole template would be good. --YeOldeLuke 14:06, 31 October 2007 (UTC)

Great, someone took my suggestion, now to sit back in self satisfaction and stroke my inflated ego.

Ahhhhhhh..... ego stroking.

Why is the logo an 'X'? I liked the original one better. This new logo looks stupid.

Yeah, i agree, this one looks idiotic

It's a joke regarding yesterday's Wikia-wide outage. Hence the apparent 'missing' material on the main page. It's not permanent. ;) - RougethebatAdmiral Enzo Aquarius-Dial the Gate SonicLivesPicture 21:46, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

Featured Picture of the Day

IMO, the "of the day" part is a touch misleading, as the picture is selected randomly with each page load. Could it be changed to "Featured Picture" or some such?     EugeneKay wuz here (whine thank)   16:51, 9 September 2007 (UTC)  


There's a typo in the recently featured section; somebody forgot to put another "]". --YeOldeLuke 04:11, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

Thanks. It wasn't a typo, turns out page titles can't have a comma in. For reasons I can't be bothered explaining. Worked around it for now, but should be fixed properly when DPL is updated. Spang talk 10:25, 08 Sep 2007
Ah, but I can be bothered. I searched and found it! There's a chunk of wiki-code that expects a comma-separated list. The comma in the article title screws up the code.     EugeneKay wuz here (whine thank)   16:49, 9 September 2007 (UTC)  
Yeah, that ;) The latest version of DPL will allow the template to be parsed after the comma is expected and has been processed, so commas in titles will not affect it. It could also be used to fix the bug in the link to the featured one year ago today's revision, but I don't know if that should be fixed. Spang talk 03:21, 11 Sep 2007

Oscar Wilde featured

And on the same day UnNews shows Bush's colon. -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us

Truly a landmark day in Uncyc's history. -RAHB 06:33, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

I Return...

...and prolly nobody cares. After quite a long absence I look forward to once again contributing to Uncyclopedia. It looks to me like the Mexican article could use some major work... I will look into that. If any repetetive tasks need to be done I would be happy to go about that. (I pwnt those Canned quotes back in the day.) -- neoEva88 MUN F@H PS CM NS (


OK Lame Page

The home page is an eye sore anyone please change it before my eyes bleed. Vogon poetry not withstanding it is UGLY! --CptCarnage 12:27 PM EST , 25 May 2007


I think its kinda funny yet weird and cool all mixed into one Cosmic Drink

The Vogon front page was fun...for a day :) --PoorNUnknown 11:52, 26 May 2007 (UTC)

What in the world...?

Im all for The Hitchhikers guide and all, but, whats up with the Hitchhikers themed main page? --The-elementalist 07:09, 25 May 2007 (UTC)

And what's up with linking to a wikipedia article! This is a serious encyclopedia, people. Aaadddaaammm 09:39, 25 May 2007 (UTC)

Category Craziness

Has anyone else noticed that sometimes, you move your cursor over a category, yet, when you click, you click on one a short bit on the right of that one? User:Uncyclopedian/sig 03:34, 1 May 2007 (UTC)

UUI (Uncyclopedia under the influence) is never what you expect it to be. -- Brigadier General Sir Zombiebaron 03:37, 1 May 2007 (UTC)

I dare you to ban Me

Hehehehe SockpuppetservedwithasideofriceandgreenpeppersisatraditionalfoodforprinzEugen 02:39, 13 May 2007 (UTC)

We're getting there. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to vandalise my userpage? Icons-flag-au Sir Cs1987 UOTM. t. c 02:58, 13 May 2007 (UTC)


Today's page sucks. That is all. --Ekashp 04:37, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

Thank you for your constructive criticism. Is there a particular aspect of it that "sucks," in particular?--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 13:35, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
Sure - just about all of it. The idea, while good, is better placed on Fox News, or perhaps UnNews than the main page. While I see where the idea was going, I believe it flopped. The sudden change in site design, while comical in certain circumstances, annoys me more than provides for humor. Perhaps its just my natural disdain for anything related to the idiots at Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, BBC, and every other "mass news media" station, but this Main page does not work for me. Keep in mind that not only am I just one user, but there are a lot of viewers who are not registered / could not be bothered to find the Talk page. --Ekashp 20:25, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
Woah, actually well-thought-out criticism. Thank you (this time, no sarcasm).--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 20:28, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
I was tired when I posted the first time, as I'd just gotten off of 12 hours of work(ugh) and was denied a portion of my daily dose of laughs. It seemed like the sucking was obvious at the time... :-/ --Ekashp 20:31, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

I cannot find the links to Special:Mypage, Special:Recentchanges, or Special:Search on the Main page. --Starnestommy (TalkContribsFFSWP) 18:30, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

If you click the link that says, "Main" on today's page, it will take you to a version of the main page that has all of those things.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 19:57, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
I think you mean "home". --Starnestommy (TalkContribsFFSWP) 19:58, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

I liked it. The fact that unregistered users wouldn't know what the site is about would be the only reason I would criticize a reskin. I hate FOX news too, but the idea was making fun of FOX news. --RAHB 20:20, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

April Fool's Day

I was somewhat disappointed that, as a joke, there was no redirect from this main page to the Wikipedia main page... It would've been funny... 21:26, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

Maybe next year, the entire page should just redirect to wikipedia, and everybody's like WTF for the day, half of them not realizing it's April Fool's Day. That would be kind of funny, and is probably what you just said but I was too stupid to realize. -- RAHB 04:25, 2 April 2007 (UTC)

Big shrooms

Anybody else see the shrooms in the exciting notice as giant pixelated images? It is kind of funny, but a little annoying -- RAHB 16:26, 30 March 2007 (UTC)

I'll bet you'll think this is madness. Well, guess what? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! or in the words of the guy who was at the other end of that quote, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" *falls into abyss* --RAHB 18:29, 31 March 2007 (UTC)
The abyss falls into you! Shouldn't they be removed for the april fool's article?-- 02:28, 1 April 2007 (UTC)
It looks as though they have been -RAHB 17:14, 1 April 2007 (UTC)
It should be, "THIS IS JENNNNNGGGGAAAAAAAAAAA!" Megamanfanx7 14:02, 5 April 2007 (UTC)


hi Theworldsmostamazingsockpuppetknownforhisheroicactsofkindnessisnowabiomovieyeildedasthebestsockpuppetever 17:07, 12 May 2007 (UTC)

No need to upgrade

Why does the Uncyclopedia need to close FOR TWO DAYS? The server is fine, and it won't be fare if people won't even be able to view the Uncyclopedia. What the hell? Cheddar Cheesia 19:33, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

It's a MediaWiki upgrade, not a server upgrade. Apparently we'll be getting New Featurestm. —rc (t) 19:53, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, but two days with no Uncyclopedia? That's too long. Also, how could we get new features? It'll still look the same, like always. Cheddar Cheesia 20:30, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

It's only three hours each day, I think. Here's the Wikia announcement. —rc (t) 20:41, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Do what I do, vandilize wikipediaPrinz Eugen 17:55, 20 March 2007 (UTC)Prinz Eugen

It was worth it, you should see the admins on IRC...I've never seen such cheery smiles on their little faces. It's like their birthdays and Christmas all came at once, bless 'em :) RabbiTechno 17:57, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
^_______________________________^Major Sir Hinoa prepare for troublemake it double? 18:01, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
:D I don't think anyone will be getting banned for a whi... Wait what's that? someone vandalising? *gets banstick* —Braydie 18:05, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
Heh heh. Nevermind. I slept through the downtime. xD Cheddar Cheesia 19:18, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

The edit buttons have changed!

And I really don't like the change. I think it should be changed back to the old one.

Disregard that. I actually LIKE the new edit buttons! But could the edit buttons be moved to the END of a title instead of the BEGINNING???????? Just a thought. Trar (talk|contribs|grueslayer) Mchammer

Should be fixed sometime. —Braydie 22:06, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
I like the ones that have been restored. In my opinion, the last new ones were oversized, and just didn't make pages look right. The original ones are just fine. Cheddar Cheesia 19:20, 21 March 2007 (UTC)


i think some one should reskin the front page on april 1st for april fools day just a suggestion from a random n00b Ninja star 01:03, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, remember last year when Uncyclopedia was bought out by Apple and became iHumor? I see the real news, but why is there no re-skin this year? -- 03:13, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

I'm no fool

Did anyone notice april 1st "did you knows" being actial fact instead of nomal misfacts . Well this sort of bugs usually happens at this year .

Facts ?! In my Uncyclopedia ?! NO WAI!! 08:14, 1 April 2007 (UTC)


Why wasn't Fisher Price featured instead of a spork from Wikipedia? --Emmzee 12:37, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

Oh noes! it's turned into Wikipedia! You killed Kenny! You Bastard!



good work, dudes 19:17, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

What's up with the Finnish wiki?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but how come the "fi" interwiki link from the English uncyclopedia still links to the abandoned Finnish Hikipedia? For comparison: old Hikipedia, new Hikipedia. Some other uncyclopedia versions also still link to the old version... Portuguese links to the new one. Esn 13:26, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Uncyclopedia sucks

Seriously, get a life

My feelings are so hurt. You've shattered all that is meaning in my life. I might as well go die, knowing of your ruthless disapproval of our activities here, and having realized that my life has been one big waste. --RAHB 16:01, 6 April 2007 (UTC)

I am sorry for thatPage Vandal 20:16, 9 June 2007 (UTC)

It's quite alright, the cuts are starting to heal and my bloodflow is back to a normal rate -RAHB 22:27, 25 June 2007 (UTC)


Should there be a disambig link at the top to Unicyclopedia?

No, it should be the other way around. Wikipedia needs a disambiguation at the top of their main page, for those looking for the truth(Uncyclopedia) --Ekashp


Attention all Uncyclopedia users and administrators

This user account has been created by a member of the MediaWiki foundation. I find this project to be amusing. However, as you are most likely aware, all websites created with MediaWiki are subject to frequent vandalism and other undesired content. I am here to test your skills at combating these annoyances. Please do not be alarmed. Your instructions are as follows:

  • Respond to this comment within the next 30 minutes to confirm that you are ready.
  • I will "vandalise" random pages, so be ready. Your efforts will be timed by me and the results will be analyzed by the MediaWiki foundation. The results will be given to you when the analysis is complete.
  • You must respond as you would to a real vandal. If you would warn him first, do so before blocking this account!
  • Set the block time for this account to 24 hours. If you block this account for more than that time or without an expiration, you will have immediately failed your audit.

Please allow at three days for us to analyze your audit, but we will give you the results absolutely no later than in seven days. If you have a specific person or administrator that you want us to send the results to, please specify this in your reply to this message.

Remember that your wiki website has been picked randomly out of the most contributed to wiki sites on the web.

Thank you for your attention! We are excited to see these wiki sites grow.

Thanks, --MediaWikiAuditor 03:44, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

Well, this is different. This ought to be interesting, as I've noticed vandalism around here is more constructive than destructive. How does that factor in to the results? --Ekashp 03:59, 13 April 2007 (UTC)
We've factored that into our Audit. We unanimously agreed that most of the "vandalism" that will be used in the audit will involve just blanking pages, or possibly breaking policies. But then again, you won't know. Just wait another 23 minutes or so until the audit begins. Thanks for replying to my information! --MediaWikiAuditorsend me questions regarding audits 04:04, 13 April 2007 (UTC)
I guess it was either do this... or play with yourself; well, looks like the decision has been made for you --Olipro Icons-flag-gb Anchor KUN (Harass) 04:33, 13 April 2007 (UTC)
You're not from Wikia, you're a clever vandal in disguise! --General Insineratehymn 02:44, 14 April 2007 (UTC)
Well, clever is stretching it a bit. Spang talk 03:50, 14 Apr 2007

Dammit. Had I been paying attention, I would have banned him after the first post. Oh well. —Major Sir Hinoa prepare for troublemake it double? 03:53, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, I wanted to see what it'd do. Part of me wants him to come back too. I miss MediaWikiAuditor :(
I also showed i to the people in #mediawiki on irc, they were quite amused too. Spang talk 04:38, 14 Apr 2007

Audit results

Hello, Uncyclopedia users and administrators,

As you remember, an audit was performed on your website several days ago. After presenting the results to the members of the Wikimedia foundation, we are ready to share them with you:

Your overall score is 4 (four) points out of 10 (ten), and will be recorded along with the results from other sites' audits

Here are the details:

  • Quick block: 1/1 (you blocked the previous account within 5 minutes)
  • Quick restoration of vandalized page(s): 1/1
  • Blocking according to specifications: 0/4 (the previous account was blocked indefinately)
  • Warning system: 0/1 (you gave no warning before blocking the previous account)
  • Communication with other users regarding blocking and/or vandalism activity: 1/2 (you communicated that the previous account was blocked, but no that it was going on)
  • Blocked in accordance to policies: 1/1

As you see above, what really detracted from your score was the block time issued. Perhaps this was a software error? Or maybe there needs to be more help pages on using the interface? These are common problems that cause this loss of points. I reccommend that you definately look into that. Finally, remember that communication is key to blocking vandals! Keep in contact and let people know when there is a problem.

Thank you very much for your time. --MediaWikiAuditorResults 03:24, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Oh, by the way, it is unlikely that people who respond on IRC will know about auditing. Few people have been briefed on this and if those who have been briefed are on IRC, they have been instructed not to inform you that they are auditors or give details regarding audits on a public chatroom.

God told me to block it infinitely. Can I get points for that? Spang talk 03:31, 17 Apr 2007
Allow me to fix the errors in the report.
  • Quick block: 1/1 (you blocked the previous account within 5 minutes)
  • Quick restoration of vandalized page(s): 1/1
  • Blocking according to specifications: 5/4 (the previous account was blocked indefinately, which is in fact, what we do with vandalism-only accounts - not to mention God approves)
  • Warning system: 1/1 (you gave no warning before blocking the previous account, like one was required)
  • Communication with other users regarding blocking and/or vandalism activity: 2/2 (It's called the "block log")
  • Blocked in accordance to policies: 1/1
So as you can see, we did pretty damn well. Now GTFO. —Major Sir Hinoa prepare for troublemake it double? 03:32, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
#67. --AAA! (AAAA) 03:54, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Audit of Auditor: Results

As you probably didn't know, you were actually being audited on your auditing skills here. I'll give you the rundown of the results here:

  • Believability: 1/10 (Your formatting was OK, but "mediawiki foundation" is just inexcusable)
  • Vandalism attained: 0.2/10 (You blanked one page, which was reverted within seconds)
  • Persistance: 6/10 (You came back even after the initial block and disbelief, still in character)
  • Humour value: 4/10 (You were kind of amusing, but not laugh out loud funny)
  • ???: 7/10 (Good ???)
  • Profit: 0/10 (No profit attained)

Thank you very much for your time. Spang talk 04:02, 17 Apr 2007

That's awesome. I don't know why, but every time I read "no profit attained" I crack up laughing. User:Wehpudicabok/sig 22:06, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Audit of Audit of Auditor: Resultseses

As nobody knows, all audits of auditors are audited. Here's the preliminary results:

Self-reference: 5/10 (Needs more auditing of itself)
Sensibility:8/10 (It was readable. HOW?!!??!!?)
Creativity: 7/10 (Auditing a fake auditor is good for a quick laugh, but then to have that audit audited is just nasty. Terribly sorry)

I hate smileys.

--Ekashp 04:07, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Heh. User:Uncyclopedian/sig

New URL for the Czech Uncyclopedia: Necyklopedie

Please, repair the link to the Uncyclopedia in Czech language called Necyklopedie. The site has moved to the New URL which is 12:13, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Is this still an issue? All I get on your old URL is one big fat HTTP ERROR 301.


{{editprotected}} Instead of "anyone", say "monkeys"! Haha!!! Lalalalala 15:54, 21 April 2007 (UTC)

Note: When you steal templates from WP, a) don't link to WP itself, and b) don't steal that <noinclude> right at the end of it. —– Sir Hv » | Talk | Contribs | KUN | UotM | RotM | VFH | Kidney | 21/04 16:02


The "monkey" routine has been done, I'd suspect... at least on fr: the writer of the month award is a cup brimming with bananas which is conferred on l'Oncle Darwin's favourite niece or nephew.

this site

what is the point of this site anyway? if you want a site with humour you dont have to have made up info. go to wikia and find the transformers wiki. that is the best example of a wiki with humour but REAL information. 14:54, 12 May 2007 (UTC)

What is the point of this IP anyways? If you want an IP with humor (or 'humour' as you Brits say), you have to have funny material. Go to this link and take a look at his contribs. That is the best example of a good IP address with good humor/humour. --RAHB 04:49, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

Your normal domain works, but the www domain redirects to wikia o.O

Ohh er... the techs are looking at this now. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Spang talk 04:27, 16 May 2007

Idea for a Reskin

Can we make the Main Page Userpage-themed once? You know, n00bish user page. Or something like the people are making, um... going! --Sir General Minister G5 FIYC UPotM [Y] #21 F@H KUN 15:48, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Yes we can. The prototype is located here. Keep up the good work on it, and in no time it will be main-page worthy. Bone_F_clear.png Sir Famine, Gun Petition » 05/17 22:16

What's going on with Croatian uncyclopedia?

Does anybody know why Croatian uncyclopedia ( Neciklopedija ) doesn't work for a few days? Is there some problems and does anybody know when will it be fixed? Beforehand thanks for answer. Here is the link:

I'm not sure, but it could be related to having the same name as the Serbian one. Again, I'm not sure. Something similar is happening to the Gothic one, it could also be that they're new wikis. User:Smiddle/sig 10:13, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Hmmm... It is possible that problem is connected with the same name as the Serbian one, but what does it mean; does it mean that Croatian uncyclopedia should change here page's name or what? - The same problem with loading had have Serbian uncyclopedia and Magyar uncyclopedia before two or three days, but today theirs pages are working. And I can see that Ghotic, ไร้สาระนุกรม and 伪基百科uncyclopedia still doesn't work. - Do you know will someone from fix this problem with Croatian uncyclopedia?

A whole bunch of these were moved to a new server and new MediaWiki version mid-week; long-overdue as they outgrew the old server months ago. At one point during the upgrades Gothic and Croatian were redirecting to UnCommons, thankfully that much seems to be back to normal now. Simplified Chinese ( is still completely broken, but that's unrelated (a Wikia problem) and hasn't worked at all for at least half a month now. -- 13:27, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

On a side note, all Uncyclopedias hosted at,,,, and may be down sometimes. User:Smiddle/sig 18:44, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Unlike Uncyclopedias hosted at and which are down all the time? -- 19:33, 2 June 2007 (UTC)


What happened here? It's Vogonopedia, but doesn't have a seperate talk page. Jedibob5 23:45, 24 May 2007 (UTC)

It's a reskin for "Towel Day". ~Jewriken.GIF 23:46, 24 May 2007 (UTC)
Is there some satirical motive behind the obnoxious color scheme? --THINKER 00:21, 25 May 2007 (UTC)
Thank you Splangy. :) --THINKER 02:24, 25 May 2007 (UTC)
 :( --THINKER 03:16, 25 May 2007 (UTC)


The famous words "FUCK THE RICH!!!" is no more... thanks to the new eye liquid called "BEANS" and including awful spelling errors e.g. BEORNS!, FLEAS!, (more famously known is) OUCH A FINCH ATE MY ARSE! 5 more queer nerds started a food fight with only a clam full of these fantastic new "anchors"

A man of much wealth called Mr bean has died a crotch-wetting incident where he swore the god's name in vein then Jesus ended up eating
Talking skull

This skull actually contains beans

him alive. Jesus then got incinerated alive by Garurumon, who then spontaneously combusted after the christis.

The first man to the moon was a bean! horrific news for everyone who like sprouts!!! 99.9% of all queen bees have lost their teeth in the first world war. few minutes later the bean had crapped into the nearest crater making no faint whistling noises which made his pet dog bleed to death.

WTF is this? --THINKER 20:27, 25 May 2007 (UTC)
Happened to me once, I was in the process of writing a long and arduous multi-part history essay when I simply cracked and wrote two pages full of incoherent sentences. My mind fell into a trance state where random thought I had accumulated over the years flashed like a seizure-inducing japanese cartoon. After the experience, I ate a few gummy bears as I felt hungry. -- But seriously, that guy is BFI. --Dandin1 17:51, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

Main page note

You do know part of yesterday's reskin is still up, right? User:Uncyclopedian/sig 00:23, 26 May 2007 (UTC)

Reload/clear your cache and it should go back to normal, if you're talking about the logo and text/link colors. —rc (t) 00:59, 26 May 2007 (UTC)
Ah, thanks. User:Uncyclopedian/sig 01:32, 26 May 2007 (UTC)


You blokes at Uncyclopedia seem to be falling behind. Wikipedia seems to have a brilliant idea of requested pages. Say, I want a page on Green Beans? Wikipedia handles it perfectly. Well, not really, they yelled at me quite nastily and spit flew in my face and they told me to just look up beans, but if someone wants to look at something funny on Uncyclopedia and its not there, what are they gonna do? Some users may want to participate in a program like this (e.g., me) so add a link to request a page!! -- 11:01, 31 May 2007 (UTC) (User:Deviousdan) (I'm lazy so I'm not logging in)

Who cares if its requested or not? If you want a page, and have a funny idea for it, make it. --THINKER 12:26, 31 May 2007 (UTC)
Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Needs to be cut down though. Maybe I'll get on that today. —rc (t) 15:36, 31 May 2007 (UTC)
Also this --THINKER 11:19, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

Help please with a possible reskin

May I please have help with User:Uncyclopedian/refat? Thanks. User:Uncyclopedian/sig

Religious subjects--not funny

I noticed that the Uncyclopedia contains a lot of articles that supposedly make fun of Christianity. For example, there are "funny" articles on God, Jesus, and other key elements of Christianity. I also noticed that they also make fun of other beliefs in Christianity, like the Paul Bunyan article, which pokes fun at creationism (Christians do not believe that the Grand Canyon and other geographical details occur through millions of years, but through the Great Flood). The article on the Giant Spaggheti Monster makes fun of Christian worship. And there are articles that make fun of the Pope, the Cross, baptism...

Not many articles make fun of other religions, at least not to my knowledge. But there are dozens that make fun of Christianity. Why? Please try and make your so-called funny articles less offensive. There are such things as clean, inoffensive jokes on religions. Those articles are not among them.

Before you reply that those who object to religious jokes are narrow minded, racist, or discriminate others, try publishing a "funny" article on Islam, Allah, or the Prophet Muhammad, and see if you can get away with it.

Well for starters, you can peruse the religion category (which contains over 700 articles) and then go for Islam, Allah, and Muhammed, or Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. You can't say that there aren't articles covering practically every well known religion.
I'm going to have to object to your statement that people who object to religious humour aren't narrow minded. Who are you to say that that subject isn't funny, and should be steered clear of? Is it OK to have articles on cancer and rape and generally bad things? Who decides where the line should be drawn?
If you start removing jokes because they might offend Christians, what about people who are offended by other non-religious things? What about someone who is offended by the You have two cows series, because by its nature it relies on stereotypes to make the joke? Why should you have any more right than them to censor that potentially offensive material just because it's your religion?
When it comes to humour and especially satire (which is what we aim for generally, where possible) either nothing is out of bounds or everything is. That's how free speech works. You have your right to be offended when someone makes fun of something relevant to you, as you should, but you do not have the right to stop them saying it, or stop other people being either amused or offended by it.
Humour is always subjective, so if you feel the articles are of terrible quality, regardless of the subject matter, you can vote them for deletion. If the articles are of bad quality, people will also vote it for deletion, and the article will be removed. But if you want them removed simply because of the subject matter or because they offend you, it isn't going to happen.
You're welcome to try and write a tame version of any article you like, and see if people prefer it over what's there. But what about people who will get offended by the fact that the article even exists, or that you tried to make any joke at all involving that subject? Should you take their opinions into account?
As I said before, either nothing is out of bounds, or everything is. Spang talk 09:39, 10 Jun 2007
I second everything that Spang said, and would like to add that I am deeply touched that my article about Paul Bunyan was amongst the articles that you thought should be...censored or whatever. --THE 23:45, 24 July 2007 (UTC)
I have to agree with this guy; religious articles are lame. --THINKER 23:51, 24 July 2007 (UTC)
Wait....this is a humor site? -RAHB 02:43, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

Immature humour

Did you know...
that you should go here?

I don't know whether this is just me, but I find that there are a lot of witty things said here, and a lot of jokes that make you laugh, but some pages have some of the worst jokes which are just made by immature humour, which is usually just swearing. Some pages just have jokes made up of swear words on them, and it's not funny. Saying totally random stuff is funny, but sometimes it just isn't, like I read somewhere "Haydn was also the inventor of rice". I don't see how this is funny. Could some people please edit bits like these, as it's just people putting immature stuff which they believe people will laugh at because they said "fuck" at least three times in the sentance.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.....where to begin? The previous section makes the statement that humour is subjective, and I think that holds true here. Although many people here aim to make biting satire, quality humour I think we need to recognise that humour is a broad term and covers many different genres. Who's better, Lenny Bruce, Monty Python or Billy Crystal? Immature humour has its place, and I think we do aim to cover all the bases here. Having said that, a quick look through our Featured Content section will possibly demonstrate how most people view "whats funny" here. By all means try to improve articles, we possitively push for that, but don't judge the Hercules by the foot.... -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb (talk to me)

Go here my dear friend 00:53, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

I know what you mean, and I understand that other people have different types of humour, and I'm not trying to imply that mine is the "true" humour or anything, but what I'm protesting against is like the article above called "Beans". It just doesn't seem like something that people would find funny.

Try this link: HTBFANJS. Collectively, we agree with you.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 20:20, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

This may be useful

Template:Non-Fact, for unfunny jokes. Relish in the helpfulness thereof, e.g., [humor needed]. -- * 05:18, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

Resubmit your idea once you've signed up for an account. ;) Pherhinihim... --THINKER 04:37, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Haha. I love the joke, but Thinker is right. If you aren't registered, most people will just scoff and say, "Pherhinihim" at an IP, no matter how good the idea may be.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 04:40, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
I have an account; I just wasn't signed in when I made it. How do I resubmit said idea? -- * 05:18, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
In that case, I'm all for it, and being the pompous editor I am, would probably employ it regularly! --THINKER 05:20, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Woot! Yet another phenomenon, begun by yours truly. ;u) -- * 05:26, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Move it to a simpler template name though Non-Fact is gaudy, and I'll probably be too busy to both typing it out. -THINKER 06:58, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Good Point. It's now Templated as {{N-F}}. -- * 08:24, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Cool. But btw, that sig is definitely not gunna fly. nothing over 15px dude. --THINKER 09:04, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Shh. You're ruining the fun of letting Famine tell him...--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 14:55, 17 June 2007 (UTC)


Oooooo. I like the new sig Famine. How many pixels high is that, though?  ;)--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 15:48, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, a big laugh for the sysops; I nearly got banned over this shit and mine was only 5px over!! :( --THINKER 16:03, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
Pretty much everyone has been banned here at one time or another. It's not as big a deal here as it is in many other wikis.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 16:08, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
((Runs Over an Quick Acts Like New Sig Never Happened!)) :u. --Citation-Seer 19:18, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

I find the humour going towards the Viz end of the market, and somewhat offputting.

I'm happy and proud to say I've never been banned (or threatened, for that matter). And I know this will result in an immediate two second ban or something, just so Bradaphraser or Famine can laugh at me.-Sir Ljlego, GUN VFH FIYC WotM SG WHotM PWotM AotM EGAEDM ANotM + (Talk) 02:22, 15 July 2007 (UTC)
Oh, it's even better than that. Gaze upon the insanity that is Brad--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 03:13, 15 July 2007 (UTC)
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHH Bah! I'm in a week ago! Let's see, what's different....VFS is still in preliminary stages, people aren't bugging me to finish judging the PLS, HowTo:Beat the Odds hasn't been featured yet, and I haven't made that stupid post on the Main Page talk! Maybe I can stop this from ever happening! /me dons traditional time-travel hero costume. I love this spandex suit, it just works.-Sir Ljlego, GUN VFH FIYC WotM SG WHotM PWotM AotM EGAEDM ANotM + (Talk) 15:14, 8 July 2007 (UTC)


Can't fool me! Canada just happened to us. -RAHB 09:40, 1 July 2007 (UTC)

hey nigras

wheres my ass

Welcome. You must be from ED. I'm glad that you've decided to browse a notable website with real humour. I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope that you find your ass soon. Also, I took the liberty of editing your unsigned post so that "niggers" says "nigras" and "hows my ass" says "wheres my ass". Be sure to read while you're here. ;) Mathew Williams 21:06, 22 July 2007 (UTC)

Welcome. You must be from here. How do I know this? You're editing with a username. I know. I hope you find a userpage soon. Also I took the liberty of correcting one of your grammar mistakes, and throwing a random (and rather large and red) ASCII penis at the end of your message. Be sure to read something at any given point in time. Or ungiven....or unforgiven.... XD -RAHB 05:38, 23 July 2007 (UTC)

Contrary to popular belief, I don't like the cock. Or userpages. Or userpages about cocks. >:| Mathew Williams 06:52, 30 July 2007 (UTC)

What about cocky userpages? -RAHB 07:44, 30 July 2007 (UTC)

Or user-y cockerpages?-Sir Ljlego, GUN VFH FIYC WotM SG WHotM PWotM AotM EGAEDM ANotM + (Talk) 15:12, 30 July 2007 (UTC)
Joe Cocker has a user page?! --THINKER 17:07, 30 July 2007 (UTC)
Page-y cock users? -TheGoogle 03:08, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

Slovak interwiki

Some admin, please add Slovak interwiki into main page ( Thank you very much. --Wizzard 08:49, 23 July 2007 (UTC)

Im Back!

Yes thats right, everyones favorite sockpuppeteer is back in action-prinzeugenisback

Absolut Tumbleweeds --THINKER 18:35, 29 July 2007 (UTC)

2m in wikipedia

Wikipedia reached 2,000,000th article....aren't we going to put something up in mainpage for that?

I take it that that is what the "20th" article thing is about... I didn't get that until I read this e^{i \pi} +1 = 0 \, ~ |DoS|Did|Yak|

Yes... at the 1m and 1.5m en.wp marks we did the "We have more articles than Wikipedia" thing, so this time I thought we'd go in the opposite direction. Though it's probably been up long enough. —rc (t) 21:48, 13 September 2007 (UTC)

Idea for article

I would love to see an article on this event:

Parody rules. 11:14, 19 September 2007 (UTC)

Offensive Issue

"In The News" contain word "Islamic Terrorist". It's offensive to Muslim reader.

That's nice. —Hinoa talk.kun 18:26, 29 September 2007 (UTC)
People keep bringing this up. It doesn't mean that all Muslims are terrorist, which they are not. However, you can agree with me that people use religion as politics, they go against God/Allah's true will and kill people. Take the Nazis and the Salem Witch Trials. That doesn't mean all Christians are evil. . -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 19:33, 29 September 2007 (UTC)
Right, and I don't think any of us would have trouble labeling a Christian terrorist group as such - say the KKK. But hey, it's fun to get offended, anyway.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 19:50, 29 September 2007 (UTC)
Speaking of religious themed UnNews reports that may be deemed offensive... -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 20:10, 29 September 2007 (UTC)
I wrote the "In God We Trust" article. And you should read something else I wrote, Uncyclopedia:Content Disclaimer. Thank you for choosing Uncyclopedia. Read Conservapedia if you don't want to be offended. --Hrodulf 21:30, 20 November 2007 (UTC)
Damn it! I thought you really WERE talking about me! (The neurotic, bleeding-heart label fit so well!)--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 23:54, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

Another offensive issue

"Uncyclopedia" contain the word "cycl" which is offensive to bicyclist.  Sir Skullthumper, MD (criticize  writings  SU&W) 19:06 Sep 29, 2007

Damn them! How dare they blasphemy the good name of bicyclist! *Shuts down site* -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 20:03, 29 September 2007 (UTC)
You're just trying to push the "bi agenda"... GO ONE WHEELERS! --16:05, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Recently Featured

What happened to the "list of recently featured pages" that always used to appear below the current FA? I liked that, before I became a regular contributer it was how I found pages to read. P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 20:59, Oct 2

Agreed. Innovations in Comedy fell off the front page far too soon! -- Tinymooose.gif » Sir Savethemooses Grand Commanding Officer ... holla atcha boy» 06:18, 3 October 2007 (UTC)
That particular template was where the bad bad database errors that crashed wikia came from (as soon as it started listing you know who), so it was temporarily kept out when the featured article template was put back.
I've since re-written it to be much better, except it won't display the pages in the right order (it displays alphabetical, rather than the actual order they were featured in) until wikia updates DPL, so was waiting for that. But I could put it back now if the wrong order is fine.
Either way, please nag wikia more to update DPL for me. They love it, really. Spang talk 06:37, 03 Oct 2007

Also, why is it out of order? It's disorientating and discombobulating. I've lost my combobules because of this mess! --The Acceptable Thinking cap small Cainad Sacred Chao (Fnord) 21:17, 4 October 2007 (UTC)

Because in order not to break wikia again, I avoided using 6 separate functions for the 6 recently featured spots, and combined it into one. Except the current version of DPL doesn't recognise the order I told it to put them in, and just uses alphabetical order instead. As soon as wikia update DPL, it'll go back to being in the right order again. Spang talk 07:39, 05 Oct 2007


Hehehehehe... The featured picture of today is marvellous. And its explanation...:D

Karasünger 01:21, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Which one would that be? The template displays any of the site's featured images at random each time you view the front page. -RAHB 02:01, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Phil Hendrie on Wikipedia

Someone should make Wikipedia say that Phil Hendrie died of stomach cancer.

That's nice... - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 21:15, Oct 11
Phil Hendrie died of stomach cancer? Oh man! That's hilarious! Thanks for the post. That totally gave me the best belly-laugh, and thus belonged on Uncyclopedia. Thanks again.--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 09:32, 12 October 2007 (UTC)

Best Page

I think the best page is the "water polo" page - check it out coz it's HILARIOUS! (Pooh the hat 02:31, 12 October 2007 (UTC))


What has happened to the background-image? White is boring. --WiMu 16:11, 22 October 2007 (UTC)

Its still there..? --THINKER 18:51, 22 October 2007 (UTC)
No background
I don't see no background ... help me pleaze! --WiMu 20:43, 22 October 2007 (UTC)
That's odd, it's coming up for me...what browser are you using? - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 20:45, Oct 22
I tried Firefox 2 and Internet Exploder 7 ... with same results --WiMu 21:05, 22 October 2007 (UTC)
Try going to preferences, skin options, and selecting "uncyclopedia" as the skin name, not "monobook". You shouldn't get the ad bar down the right hand side on uncyclopedia.
Monobook is broken here and you shouldn't be able to select it, give wikia a couple of years and it should be fixed. Spang talk 22:42, 22 Oct 2007
I can see the background-image now! yeeeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaa! THX! --WiMu 14:58, 23 October 2007 (UTC)


Hello, I am Nigeerian royilty. Please ignore the fact that I cannot spell 'Nigeria' or 'royalty' and give me money.

Also, has anyone seen my socks?

You fool no one. Your rantings about "money" and "royalties" give your true identity away; you are a shill for the RIAA. Now take your greedy hands away from the MP3's and no one gets hurt... -- 16:00, 30 November 2007 (UTC)


Today is the day of the ☭ctober Revolution. Yet the main page hasn't been reskinned. FIX THIS NOW!!!!!

Or the entire project will fail. --SPY Administrator (Complain|I rock|In memoriam) HMRFRA Bluegarrisoncapsig.png 30px-Sucrose_b.gif WH 12:56, 24 October 2007 (UTC)

Leap Day

I have an important question regarding leap day, February 29. What are we gonna put in that "Featured one year ago today" box? - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 23:28, Nov 13

Well, you see the problem is that the universe is just going to explode, due to the nature of trying to find something that was featured on a non-existent day. As such, we'll put nothing there, considering there won't be any front page to put it on...since it will be blown up and such...doesn't leap year only happen once every five years anyways? Isn't the next one scheduled for 2010? -RAHB 06:09, 14 November 2007 (UTC)
I believe that this is the appropriate time for an article on Leap Day - A national holiday during which suicide is not only legalized, but very strongly encouraged. --THINKER 06:39, 14 November 2007 (UTC)
The silly answer to your question is that the feature for Febrary 28th will be shown again, as that template was made keeping the fact that features used to be every two days in mind. And if there wasn't a feature on the day specified, it'll use the day before instead. And if there isn't one there, it just won't show anything at all.
The serious answer to your question is that yes, the world will explode whenever a leap year happens. Which it totally every 5 years. Don't ask what happens in a leap century. Just remember to avoid uncyclopedia when the year 2329½ comes round. Spang talk 18:45, 14 Nov 2007


What type of Wiki is this? This Wiki is a weird one.( 04:39, 24 November 2007 (UTC))

Yes.  Sir Skullthumper, MD (criticize  writings  SU&W) 04:57 Nov 24, 2007
What type of IP is this? This IP is a weird one. -RAHB 05:20, 24 November 2007 (UTC)
Cross-wiki troll type. — Sir Manticore progress-wheel.gif 17:15, 26 November 2007 (UTC)
We are.... BIZARRO WIKI!--<<Bradmonogram.png>> 12:54, 26 November 2007 (UTC)
We're an eggshell with Romalian-type wiki. --THINKER 23:23, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

Apparently accidental typo on main page.

"UnNews: Anual Report into Xmas Sickies Released - Yes, They Still Cost Business Money" - "Anual" should be "Annual". JoshuaZ 00:05, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

Elections 07

Wouldn't it be nice to have a mock election on Uncyclopedia?

Vote for your favourite King of America:

The poll was created at 04:21 on December 19, 2007, and so far 46 people voted.

...or something similar. e^{i \pi} +1 = 0 \, ~ |DoS|Did|Yak|

...did we miss anyone here? Dubya for a third term? Ronald Reagan reanimated? Feebas factor 03:56, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

What happened to the Main Page?

Did you see the Main Page? What happened to it?--Æ 00:28, 22 December 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, seriously. -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 00:36, 22 December 2007 (UTC)
From the looks of things, TKF happened. - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 00:36, Dec 22

Mirror site

Um, is it my bad, malfunctioning, virus-ridden, uber-slow HP or has all of the pages in the mirror site, including the main page, vanished without even a log showing they had been huffed? I Am Your Master Insert complaint here 7:49 PM ET 10 January 2008

Yea thats probably a problem. Though theres nothing that we (by that I mean you and I) can do about that. Blame the communists.--Lieutenant THEDUDEMAN Dude ... Totally UOTM KUN GotA F@H 01:01, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

Ittalic text

Somebody left the text "itallic text" at the end of the page. Since it is no joke, can some admin remove that part?--Henke37 10:44, 21 January 2008 (UTC)

Actually, it could be a joke. These admins are crazy freaks. -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 10:49, Jan. 21, 2008
Uhh...oops....sorry, it was an accident. Not the editing, but the whole italic text bad... - P.M., WotM, & GUN, Sir Led Balloon Baloon(Tick Tock) (Contribs) 16:03, Jan 21
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