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edit Hey Everybody

I just made this page, it clearly needs some work. I have no way to make images beyond Microsoft Paint, so if you can think of some clever images feel free to add them. I also need a quote at the top, and the LSU section needs some serious TLC. Help if you can, thanks. Hoboace 02:47, 2 August 2008 (UTC) Hoboace

edit My first discussion

The first thing I'd like to clarify is that I don't want to actually want to edit articles, but I do want to advise on direction (so that I don't have to take responcibility for it being good or bad).

LSU section: I want to point out a few things DYING TO BE SAID.

1. Approximately 95,000 self-proclaimed heterosexuals gather in the LSU stadium to wear purple for football games every weekend and to denounce gay-marriage while screaming fratically while a young man in tight pants engages in homoerotic manuvers.

2. Tens of thousands of poorly educated Louisianaians take pride in their local university... football program.

Food and Culture: A little known fact

1. Louisiana has very distinct cultures in the norhtern and southern region. The northern region is very simular to the rest of the south culturally, and the south is the area well known for its cajun heritage. However both regions share an average IQ of 50.

2. It is a little known fact that the baby hymn "rock-a-bye Baby" was coined in Louisiana as it is a cherished Cajun tradition to put children in their cradles in tree tops as infants. The inevitable drop on the head makes all of the Louisianaians very unique and colorful indivduals.

Louisiana is a great place to visit although wouldn't recommend living there. The LSU football team hasn't done much in resent years either. So don't go to that school. Go to USC.

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